Saturday, August 30, 2008

Surfers Islamadise

Here I have included a happy snap from a recent trip to Surfers Paradise, Qeensland. Sun, sand, surf and Muslims.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Melbourne public transport

The future of Melbourne public transport looks bleak as the population continues to climb. The indigenous white Australian population has become increasingly over run by Indian migrants which has become glaringly obvious by the recent picture above of the train bound for Dandenong.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Diversity, it is a wonderful thing, it means we have so many new and interesting things to discover and enjoy and it enables things to evolve. Diversity comes about by separation by natural or artificial borders between species. Evolution loves diversity to enable it to change and grow.

Unfortunately though, diversity only applies so long as you're not a true blue Australian; if you are true blue Aussie, well then your naturally occurring national diversity can go ahead and fuck itself. That's the message we get when we want to have our own unique piece of diversity in the world.

Diversity means having lots and lots of unique countries and cultures throughout the world, so long as you're not an Australian, then you're told that diversity only comes by eroding the unique Australian way of life and culture and embracing the so called, multiculturalism, a term used here to supplant any efforts to maintain our unique and wonderful Australian identity and which is actually a code word for CHEAP labour.

So the perverted ideology diversity and multiculturalism shoved down the throats of Australians is a corrupt and convoluted distortion of natural fact, that forcing assimilation is NOT diversity, it is in fact UNdiversity, it helps only to make things less diverse rather than diverse; like a dirty big pea soup.

The diversity/multiculturalism bullshit so heavily promoted in Australia is the biggest scam ever performed in this country, at the behest of those that benefit, the BIG corporations.

The BIG corporations that could not give a rats arse about the True Blue Aussie culture much less Australia.

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