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Wondrous Treatment Of Women In Islam

This article from Satyameva Jayate

T he purpose of this article is to show how the barbaric nature of Islam manifests itself in the cruel treatment of women.

1. Lets start with the "great" Mohammed himself, the founder of this "fabulous" faith. Mohammed was married to Khadija Bibi, his employer and 15 years his senior. At that time Mohammed was 25 years old. He was Khadija Bibi's third husband. Khadija Bibi was a widow when she married Mohammed. For the first time in his life, Mohammed enjoyed a luxurious life.

This shows the parasitic nature of Mohammed who married his employer so that he can live a rich life without putting in a single day's work.

2. Khadija Bibi died when Mohammed was 49 years old. Between the ages of 49 and 63 the "great prophet" married at least 11 times.

This shows how he treated the institution of marriage. For him, women were nothing but objects for sexual fulfillment. Marrying at least 11 women in 14 years throws light on his insatiable sexual appetite.
Read on about the "greatness" of this prophet.

3. Mohammed's favourite wife was Ayesha Bibi who was 6 years old when she was married to him.

Marrying a 6 year old baby clearly shows that Mohammed was not only a womanizer but also a child molester.

4. Mohammed's adopted son Zayed was married to Zainab, daughter of Jahsh. But one day the prophet "beheld in a loose undress, the beauty of Zainab, and burst forth into an ejaculation of devotion and desire. The servile, or greatful, freeman (Zayed) understood the hint and yielded without hesitation to the love of the benefactor."

Mohammed was not satisfied with his own overflowing harem and had to marry his son's wife. His son being a devoted follower of the "great" prophet was more than happy to divorce his wife. What a great father-in-law Mohammed was, a model for all Islamic father-in-laws!

Mohammed preached what he practised. This is supported by the following verses from Quran and Hadiths.

Quotes from the "Holy" Quran on Women

II/223: Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate). So go to your tilth as ye will...

Here you can clearly see how highly Islam treats women. Women in Islam are referred to as fields that are to be cultivated by man. What an honour for a Muslim woman!

IV/34: Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other.. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them.

First point to notice here is that Quran clearly states that Men are superior to women. Secondly, Islam instructs that a man should control his women through brutal violence and fear.

IV/15: (For women) If any one of your women is guilty of lewdness ...confine them until death claims them.

IV/16: (For Men) If two men among you commit indecency (sodomy) punish them both. If they repent and mend their ways, let them be. Allah is forgiving and merciful.

As you can see, for women any sort of sexual exploration is punishable by death. Whereas for a man, any form of perversion is pardoned by the all merciful Allah.

XXIV/6-7: As for those who accuse their wives but have no witnesses except themselves , let the testimony of one of them be four testimonies...

Here we see, that a husband can easily accuse his wife (or wives) and eventually sentence her to death by merely declaring four times that the accusation is true. On the other hand, women have no such right in Islam.

Quotes from Hadith TIRMZI AND OTHERS
  1. If a woman's conduct is mischievous or immodest, the husband has the right to beat her up but must not break her bones. She must not allow anybody to enter the house if her husband does not like him. She has the right to expect sustenance of her husband. (TR. P 439)
  2. It is forbidden for a woman to be seen by any man except her husband when she is made up or well-dressed. (TR. P 430)
  3. A woman is not a believer if she undertakes a journey which may last three days or longer, unless she is accompanied by her husband, son, father
  4. A woman must veil herself even in the presence of her husband's father, brother and other male relations. (TR. P 432)
  5. She is forbidden to spend any money without the permission of her husband, and it includes giving food to the needy or feast to friends. (TR. P 265)
  6. A wife is forbidden to perform extra prayers (NAFAL) or observe fasting (other than RAMADAN) without the permission of her husband. (TR. P 300)
  7. If prostration were a legitimate act other than to God, woman should have prostrated to her husband. (TR. P 428)
  8. If a man is in a mood to have sexual intercourse the woman must come immediately even if she is baking bread at a communal oven. (TR. P 428)
  9. The marriage of a woman to her man is not substantive. It is precarious. For example if the father of the husband orders his son to divorce his wife, he must do so. (TR. P 440)
  10. A woman who seeks KHULA i.e. divorce from her man, without a just cause, shall not enter paradise. (TR. P 440)
    On the contrary, a husband can divorce his wife at will.
  11. Majority of women would go to hell. (Muslim P 1431)
  12. If a woman refuses to come to bed when invited by her husband, she becomes the target of the curses of angles. Exactly the same happens if she deserts her husband's bed. (Bokhari P 93)
  13. Women who are ungrateful to their men are the denizens of hell; it is an act of ingratitude for a woman to say: "I have never seen any good from you." (Bokhari P 96)
  14. A woman in many ways is deprived of the possession of her own body. Even her milk belongs to her husband. (Bokhari P 27) She is not allowed to practise birth control either.
Quotes From Sahih Muslim Hadith

Chapter 540.The prophet said that he saw a woman coming and going in the shape of a devil and she fascinated him. So he came to his wife, Zainab, as she was tanning leather and had sexual intercourse with her. That drove out what he felt in his heart.

Chapter 558. The prophet said: "When a man calls his wife to bed and she does not come, the husband spends the night being angry with her, and the angels curse her until morning. The one who is in heaven is displeased with her until the husband is pleased with her.

Chpater 576. The prophet said :"Woman has been created from a rib, and will in no way be straightened for you."

Anwar Shaikh , the author of Islam: An Arab National Movement says:
"It shows the basic doctrine of Islam about womanhood, that is, she is basically crooked, and man has the right to keep her under his constant vigil; she must never be left alone."

In fact, another hadith expresses woman's position bluntly:

     "I have not left any calamity more
hurtful to man than woman."

Chapter 619: Selling a cat, selling a dog (unless it is a working dog), and earning of prostitutes(unless they are non-muslims),... are all forbidden.

This verse encourages the Muslim invaders to convert women of other faith into prostitutes for their own enjoyment as prostitution by non-muslims is NOT forbidden. We can see plenty of examples of this throughout history, especially Indian history.

Chapter 1140: The prophet said : "The majority of those who entered the fire of Hell were women."

So Islam considers most of the women are evil in nature and they end up in hell.

Malik 362:1221 Ibn Fahd said "I have some slave girls who are better than my wives, but I do not desire that they should all become pregnant. Shall I do azl(withdrawal) with them?" Hajjaj said "They are your fields of cultivation. If you wish to irrigate them do so, if not keep them dry."

The next three verses are related to each other.

Malik 364:1234 If a woman suckles a baby, she becomes its foster mother and her husband a foster father. If a man has two wives, and one suckles a boy the other a girl, the boy can not marry the girl as the foster father of each is the same.

The next verse contradicts the previous one.

Malik 364:1239 The rule pertaining to foster relationship only applies to children under 2 years. Thus (Malik 365:1243) a grown up man fed with the milk of a woman does not entail fostership.

Read the next verse carefully.

Malik 365:1245 A man said, "My wife has willfully given my slavegirl with whom I used to cohabit her own milk to drink. What is my relationship to the slave girl ?" Omar said "Punish your wife and go into your slave girl".

What more can I say about these golden verses from the "Holy" Quran and the enlightening Hadiths-- guidelines for every true Muslim!

Gazzali, the renowned Islamic thinker summed up the 18 pains that had been visited on Muslim women as a punishment for Eve's transgression in paradise. The list eloquently shows the position of women in Islam and how the social customs were backed up by Islam. Here Islam goes to the extent of saying that even pregnancy and childbirth are punishments from God. Such is the nature of the all merciful Allah!!!

The 18 punishments are:
  1. Menstruation
  2. Childbirth
  3. Separation from father and mother and marriage to a stranger
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Not having control over her own person
  6. A lesser share in inheritance.
  7. Her liability to be divorced and inability to divorce.
  8. It being lawful for man to have 4 wives but for a woman to have only 1 husband.
  9. The fact that she must stay secluded in the house
  10. The fact that she must keep her head covered inside the house.
  11. The fact that 2 women's testimonies have to be set against the testimony of one man.
  12. The fact that she must not go out of the house unless accompanied by a near relative.
  13. The fact that men take part in Friday and feast day funerals while women do not.
  14. Disqualification for rulership and judgeship.
  15. The fact that merit has 100 components, only one of which is attributable to women while 999 are attributed to men.
  16. The fact that if women are profligate they will be given only half as much torment as the rest of the community at the ressurection day.
  17. The fact that if their husbands die they must observe a waiting period of 4 months and 10 days before they remarry.
  18. The fact that if their husbands divorce them , they must observe a waiting period of 3 months or 3 menstrual periods before remarrying.

To enlighten the people who are ignorant about "Sati" Pratha in India, this custom was a result of Muslim oppression and brutality. The Hindu women of India, in order to save their honour, used to jump into the fire after their husbands were brutally murdered by Muslim invaders. The question that arises from this is why did they jump into the fire and kill themselves? Why didn't they just poison themselves? The reason for this is that the lecherous necrophiliac muslim invaders did not even leave the dead bodies alone. Yes, they had sex even with the dead bodies! How disappointing it must have been for them to find nothing, but ashes.

This is only a handful of facts that states the true nature of Islam.

Note: Works of A. Ghosh, Robert E. Burns, and Anwar Shaikh have been used to compose this article.

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Islam is the New Communism

Article from the American thinker

August 22, 2010

Sally Humhorth

Paul Hsieh wrote an excellent article about America's weakness in regards to the war against terrorists. However, he claimed that the mosque is distracting us from the real issue of Iran's nuclear weapons program. I respectfully disagree. The real issue is that we are fighting a war with Islam. The mosque, rather than distracting America, has brought her full attention to it.

The mosque has refocused us on the fact that we were brutally attacked on 9/11, and Americans are starting to talk about it again. Videos about 9/11 are circulating the internet and discourse is taking place about who was responsible. People are learning about Islam and decisions are being made about who is to blame.

This is has been a difficult road, because Americans are benevolent and naïve concerning Islam. They are used to freedom of religion and they find it hard to condemn one. And that is precisely the problem, Americans see Islam as only a religion. It is not just a religion, it is also a sophisticated, detailed political ideology with the expressed goal of taking over the entire world by any means at its disposal, even if it includes lying and killing. Americans need to think of it as a social/political ideology, but they are so used to separating religion from politics (which was a first at the time of our country's founding) that they keep giving Islam the benefit of the doubt.

Frank Langan, site superintendent from Queens working at ground zero, says he is on the fence on the matter. When construction workers started to protest working on the mosque, he made a statement that is typical of people who are undecided about this issue, "It's a tough debate. I sympathize with workers' position, but at the same time, you can't single out all Muslims because of a small number of terrorists." That would be like saying, you can't single out all Communists because of a small number of Communists. They are all Communists if they subscribe to the Communist ideology, and just like Communism has an ideology, so does Islam. Any Muslim who is truly innocent, must renounce Islam like other courageous Muslims such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Wafa Sultan. Not to do so, means that he still considers us as the enemy and supports the downfall of the United States.

Separation of church and state is something we take for granted. Islam does not separate the two. And Islam is the new Communism.

In order to win any war, one must know who the enemy is and have the courage to do what is necessary. As Paul Hsieh said in his article it is important to commit to victory and win the war. But that won't happen until our enemy is clearly defined in the American mind.

The American Thinker

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obama Apologizes for Stupid Americans’ Opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque

From the Canada free press

Over the past 100 years, America has brought peace and prosperity to billions, while Muslims have been slaughtering and enslaving their neighbors, especially women, wholesale

By Fred Dardick Saturday, August 14, 2010

It’s amazing that Obama lacked the foresight to see that supporting the construction of a $100 million mosque 2 blocks from Ground Zero, something that 70% of Americans oppose, won’t end well. But I guess when your closest advisors are Valerie Jarrett the slumlord, Robert Gibbs the clown, Rham Emmanuel the communist, and Michelle Obama the millionaire’s wife, equating “religious freedom” with an Islamic cultural center whose purpose is to promote Sharia law is the kind of progressive garbage you get.

For you liberals who somehow got forwarded this column and still don’t know what Sharia law is, allow me to enlighten you. It is the literal interpretation of Islam that leads to the widespread abuse and enslavement of women. It’s also called the reality of “that woman in Iran who’s waiting to see if she’s going to get stoned to death for adultery” rules. Who knows if she really committed adultery? In Islamic societies all a man has to do to give his wife the proverbial dirt nap, is simply claim she did.

Under Sharia law, men are the judge, jury and executioners of women, and Obama apparently thinks Americans are too stupid to know this. While Obama may be able to lawyer his way around the Ground Zero mosque as a “religious tolerance” issue, the rest of us know a load of bs when we see one.

Americans don’t give a hoot what the college professors and attorneys think. Allowing the Islamist barbarians who keep their boots firmly planted on women’s throats and brought the 9/11 massacre to our shores, to build their Arch de’ Terrorism 2 blocks from Ground Zero can kiss our you know what.

Not only do Americans view the structure as anything but a bridge to understanding, Islamists around the world will also rightly perceive the mosque in a very different light than the simple “right to build a place of worship”. They will see it as spitting in the face of evil America and hold it up as a shining example in their enslaved societies to promote hatred of the West. It will become a “stupid Americans let us build a mosque on their graves, so let’s finish the job and kill them all” kind of thing.

Ever wonder how the Islamic Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem got built smack dab on top of the ancient Jewish temple mount? I can promise you, it was no attempt to “build bridges” either that put it there. It was more like “let’s take over the Jews most treasured religious site and plant a mosque on it to show them who’s boss”. That’s why Jews pray at the Western Wall, because if they tried to visit the top of the temple mount, the Arabs would riot.

Every time Obama speaks to Muslims, it’s always how wonderful and understanding Islam is compared to our knuckle dragging Judeo-Christian customs. Rather than apologizing endlessly for America, and in this case our opposition to the Ground Zero mosque, how about being honest for a change, champ?

Over the past 100 years, America has brought peace and prosperity to billions around the world, while at the same time Muslims have been slaughtering and enslaving their neighbors, especially women, wholesale. Talk about the war that never ends. Shia vs. Sunni violence has been going on for centuries and, by the looks of Iraq, will continue for centuries more.

The irony is if our President, who clearly feels his #1 job is reaching out to the Muslim world, had half a brain in his communist head, he would be out there speaking forcefully against Sharia law and educating his fellow Islamists to the dangers of a literal interpretation of the Koran.

Who knows, maybe then Obama could finally do some good for a change and save lives, rather than destroy them.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Freedom is my religion

Pamela Geller on Hannity: Ground Zero Mega Mosque

Obama Ramadanadingdong

Article by Pamela Geller at Big Peace

Aug 13th 2010 at 7:48 am

Barack Obama this week extended his “best wishes to Muslims in America and around the world” and wished them a “Ramadan Kareem.” And he wrote, as he did in last year’s Ramadan message also, about “the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”

Which principles do we hold in common? Death for apostates? The legitimacy of honor killing? I don’t begin to know what Obama is talking about here. Other religions are not tolerated in Muslim countries. Churches and synagogues do not exist in some Islamic countries, notably our “ally” Saudi Arabia, and where they do exist, they are constantly targeted and in myriad instances attacked. Churches in Nigeria and Indonesia have been attacked just recently.

Where is the dignity of women living under Sharia? Women’s rights under Islam are practically non-existent. Oppression, subjugation and gender apartheid define the treatment of women in Islam. Islamic anti-semitism defines the faith. Islamic aggression and intolerance of the Jews and the Jewish state have become the rallying cry of the ummah and the OIC-driven UN – abetted by Obama.

Obama also says that “Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality.” Diversity? Where is the diversity? Non-Muslims are anging on in Muslim countries only as tiny, persecuted minorities. Maybe Obama doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, that the word abd in Arabic means both “black” and “slave,” and that throughout Islamic history Arabs have exalted themselves above non-Arab Muslims. Even today in Darfur, Arab Muslims are terrorizing and killing non-Arab Muslims.

“And here in the United States,” Obama went on, “Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been part of America and that American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country. Islam has always been part of America? Really? Since when? And as for the “extraordinary contributions to our country,” all I can think of is 9/11. To what else would Obama be referring?

While on its face, Obama’s goal of reconciliation with the Islamic world seems to explain his obsession with all things Muslim, it is hard to reconcile his obsession with dar al Islam and his rejection of Christianity in myriad ways. Take, for example, when Georgetown University covered over the monogram “IHS” – an abbreviation for the Greek form of the name of Jesus Christ — because it was inscribed on a pediment on the stage when President Obama spoke at the university last year, and Obama told Georgetown to cover up all Christian signs and symbols there. Or Obama’s cancellation of the National Day of Prayer service at the White House. Or that Obama has still not joined a church, after being in office a year and a half.

The world’s preeminent historian of Islamic anti-Semitism, Bat Ye’or, saw this coming last year when she commented on Obama’s June 4, 2009 speech to the Muslim world in Cairo:

Pres. Barack Obama was elected, by an overwhelming majority, on a program in which America’s rapprochement with Islam stands pre-eminent. This is a legitimate political aim in the quest for world peace. The questions are: how to achieve it, and why there is no reciprocal effort from the Muslim world represented by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). This body could express its regrets for over a millennium of jihad wars, land expropriations, enslavements, and humiliations of the conquered non-Muslim populations on three continents.

That’s right: where is the mutual respect? Obama keeps reaching out to the Islamic world, and where are they reaching out to us? Where is the respect for the West and our unending patience and charity toward the Muslim world, and our increasing subjugation to Islamic law in the West? Defaming Islam is the great crime nowadays. Defaming Christianity and Judaism is the sport of the day, but dare to insult Islam and they’ll smear and maybe even prosecute you, the way the Dutch are prosecuting Geert Wilders. Free speech be damned in the age of jihad.

The OIC will never apologize, of course, because there is no self-criticism or self-examination in Islam, but the leader of the waning free world would never think to mention that kind of thing in his Ramadan greetings. It wouldn’t be in keeping with the spirit of the season.

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Marriage guides promote domestic violence

From NineMSN

18:00 AEST Wed Aug 11 2010

Some Sydney Islamic bookshops and online stores are selling guide books to marriage which encourage domestic violence.

A Current Affair reports one of the books, titled An Excellent Husband, contains a passage that advises it is okay for husbands to beat their wives.

"The Muslim husband wins the heart of his wife so she does not disobey him in anything.

"If they are guilty of open lewdness, then refuse to share their beds ... beat them, but not severely," the passage reads.

But Rebecca Kaye, an Australian who converted to Islam seven years ago, told the program the reference to beating in the book was a misinterpretation of a verse from the Koran.

"Islam does not promote the beating of women," she said.

"In Islamic ... and non-Islamic households, domestic violence is a crime."

"That's regardless of what appears in these books ... or those who use religion to excuse an attack on a woman."

Watch the video at NineMSN

Tony Abbott's war on hardline Muslims

This article from the herald sun

TONY Abbott says he will take a stand against an extreme Muslim group he describes as "peddlers of hate" who have defamed Australian values.

In an exclusive interview with the Herald Sun, the Liberal leader revealed that if he won next Saturday's federal election he would move to prosecute the radical Hizb ut-Tahrir.

And an Abbott government would order intelligence and security agencies to keep closer tabs on the group and others like it, which he said "gives aid and comfort to terrorism".

He would also look to block visas to enter Australia for its members, leaders, sympathisers and supporters.

"We need to take a strong stand against the peddlers of hate," Mr Abbott said as he campaigned in Victoria.

"Organisations such as Hizb ut-Tahrir are stirring up hatred against people of the Jewish faith, and people of Jewish faith ought not feel threatened or persecuted in their own country, Australia.

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