Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Muslim values at work -- in Australia

A man used a butcher's knife to stab his stepdaughter up to 20 times because he believed she was a "slut" who was interfering in his marriage, a court has heard. Khaled Ibrahim Mohamed Ellaimouny, 38, was today jailed for 12 years for the attempted murder of his stepdaughter Amanda Lee Smith, who was 24 when her stepfather stabbed her in the chest, arms, legs and face as she sat on the lounge of the family's Shailer Park home in January 2007.

In the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Crown prosecutor Philip McCarthy said Ellaimouny, an Egyptian national who married Ms Smith's mother after meeting her online, moved in to the Smith family home in January 2006. Mr McCarthy said Ellaimouny, who worked as a chef at a restaurant in the Logan area, got along well with his stepdaughter until late 2006 when he discovered semi-nude photos of her and her boyfriend on a family computer and began referring to her during arguments with Ms Smith's mother as "the slut daughter."

Following marital troubles in late 2006, Ellaimouny moved out of the home. He met with his wife at a local tavern on January 14 and told her to choose between him and her daughter, whom he claimed was interfering in their marriage. He later turned up at the family home where during an argument he spat in Ms Smith's face and slapped her before she and her mother locked him out of the house. However Ellaimouny got in through a side door, grabbed a butcher's knife with a 21cm-long blade from the kitchen and screamed "Now I'm going to kill the bitch" before stabbing and slashing Ms Smith's chest and arms, Mr McCarthy said. "You've ruined my f---ing life; I want you to die," Ellaimouny reportedly said.

Friends of Ms Smith arrived at the house as Ellaimouny was leaving, covered in a blood and carrying the bloodied knife. He allegedly told them: "I stabbed the slut. I wanted to kill her, but unfortunately she's still breathing."

Ms Smith was taken to hospital where she was treated for 20 wounds, including a severed radial artery of her right arm, severed nerves and a 4cm gash into her lung cavity.

Mr McCarthy said Ellaimouny told his wife after the incident: "I stabbed her because she's a f---ing slut, she deserved that. All I wanted to do ... just get rid of her." On the first day of his trial today, Ellaimouny pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted murder and a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice, which related to him sending a letter from jail encouraging his wife to convince Ms Smith not to proceed with charges against him.

Justice John Byrne said the attack upon Ms Smith was "frenzied and sustained" and would have been "a terrifying experience for her." "She is fortunate to have survived," he said. He sentenced Ellaimouny to 12 years behind bars and declared him a serious violent offender, which means he must serve 80 per cent of his sentence before he is eligible for parole. He will be deported to Egypt upon his release.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Only Challenging Islamic Supremacism can Reform Islam

By Daniel Greenfield Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Cairo, Obama masterfully laid out the Islamist narrative, evoking a world in which Muslim cultural superiority to Europe and America gave way to European and American physical supremacy over the Muslim world. Like all forms of flattery aimed at Islamic supremacists, this was naturally the worst possible approach to reform Islam.
Reform requires first destroying the myths, and then seeing what is wrong and working to fix it. Instead Western liberals insisting on perpetuating the myth of Islamic greatness overturned by the European and American barbarians. And if indeed Muslims were superior to Europeans, the only reform that is truly justified is the Wahhabi “reform” of turning back the clock of history to Caliphates and strict Islamic jurisuprudence. Certainly not Westernization reforms that would only mean imitation of the “degraded West”.
This perverse logic is the inescapable outcome of supporting the Islamist view of history, it is a logic that dictates more conflict, more violence, more terror and more brutality as the Wahhabi backed elements within the Muslim world look to turn back time and restore “the greatness of Islam that once was”.
No ideology or nation can reform without criticism. To pander to Islam is to strenghten its worst qualities, to affirm its superiority, its righteousness and its appetite for world domination. By contrast only challenging Islamic supremacism holds out any form of reforming Islam.
In the Islamist narrative that Obama endorsed in Cairo, Muslims are the victims of a European world that neglected their greatest gifts and tarred them with unjust accusation. In the true history, Islam was built on half-savage bandits carving out a worldwide empire through the sword, pillaging the cultural treasures of far greater civilizations, and taking credit for the genius of Rome, Greece and India.
Where the Islamist narrative encourages Muslims to revert to type, to see themselves as wronged victims who must rebuild an incorruptible ummah and “civilize” the whole world under Islam, the post-Islamist critical narrative would encourage Muslims to turn their backs on mainstream Islam in favor of more reformist Islamic movements such as the Ahmadis, ruthlessly suppressed by Pakistan’s Islamist Haq regime.
Little wonder then that the Saudi propogated Wahhabi Islam insists on promoting the Islamist myth of a lost glorious empire, or that Obama is happy to take up the narrative. That narrative is the best possible means for perpetuating and increasing Islamic violence, terrorism and expansionism.
Just as the willingness of Western liberals to accept the National Socialist mythology of an innocent wronged Germany reclaiming her dignity and lost territories helped bring on World War II, flattering Islam can only bring on a greater global conflict between Islamists seeking their lost caliphate and those free nations and peoples determined to resist them.
The need by Western liberals to constantly find fault with their own countries and favor with that of the enemy, takes the form of actively collaborating in creating and promoting the artificial histories of victimology that are then used to defend the violence and wars unleashed by that same enemy in pursuit of “justice”.
Furthermore by restraining and even banning criticism of Islam, Western liberals themselves close off the path to Islamic reform. As it stands now, Islam is the only religion both in the West and in Muslim countries that hears nothing but praise about itself, without a word of criticism being tolerated. What better affirmation could there be of Islamic supremacism than that?
Both the Muslim and the Non-Muslim who hear Orthodox Judaism, the Catholic Church, Evangelical Christians, Mormons, and many others routinely mocked and dragged through the mud, while Islam and Muslims are treated as above criticism-- cannot help but draw the conclusion that Islam is superior to all other religions.
It is inconceivable that any religion or ideology could be responsible for ongoing terrorism and violence in dozens of countries around the world, a death toll approaching a million in the 20th century alone, and still be considered above criticism.
The resulting path is not hard to follow. By flattering Islam, we are discouraging the reform of Islam, and ultimately flattering ourselves to death. Treating Islam as superior, will insure that Muslims act superior to us. Pretending that violence is something apart from Islam will only empower Muslims to ignore the consequences of their own actions. And finally accepting the Islamist myth means accepting our own inferiority, which inevitably results in Muslims treating the more compliant of us as Dhimmis and the more independent as Kufirs. The slaughter, the conquest and the wars follow naturally from there.
Only by challenging Islamic supremacism can we defend ourselves and challenge Muslims over their morals, history and future.

Friday, July 3, 2009

All Hindu-Muslim love marriages under probe

All Hindu-Muslim love marriages under probe

3 Jul 2009, 0426 hrs IST, Sanjeev Shivadekar, TNN

MUMBAI: The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), which is meant to probe high-profile cases, will now investigate love affairs that have resulted in marriages between Hindu girls and Muslim boys.

The state CID has been told to check whether Muslim boys are enticing Hindu girls as part of a larger ‘conspiracy’. Minister of state for home (rural) Nitin Raut announced this step in the legislative assembly on the last day of its session.

BJP MLAs Eknath Khadse and Devendra Fadnavis had alleged in the assembly that young Muslim boys in rural areas were wooing Hindu college girls and then marrying them. This, they claimed, was part of a ‘conspiracy’ to increase the strength of the community. Khadse had further alleged that some Hindu girls had also been sent to the Gulf.

In his reply, Raut had admitted that such incidents were taking place in the state. “I will initiate an inquiry into this,’’ the minister had promised. However, the opposition had demanded a CID probe, terming the issue as serious. Raut had then given in to their demands.

CID chief S P S Yadav said, “We are still to receive the order. The first thing we will have to do is to check whether such an inquiry is in consonance with the CID manual. If not, we will inform the government about the norms. If the government persists, we will decide on how to carry out these investigations.’’

Raut’s announcement has not gone down well with his cabinet colleagues and leaders of the Muslim community. Senior NCP leader and labour minister Nawab Malik said the BJP had a political interest in raising such issues. “The BJP’s politics has always been based on communalism and this demand too is part of the same theory,’’ he added.

Congress leader and minister of state for home (urban) Arif Naseem Khan saidthere was no provision in law where a member of a particular community could be stopped from marrying a girl/boy of another community. “In case a girl or boy is pressured into getting married to a member of another community, the offender should certainly be punished,’’ he added.

Refuting the allegations made by Malik and Khan against the BJP, Fadnavis said, “Had we wanted to politicise the issue, we would have carried out a morcha and staged a protest. Instead, we demanded a CID inquiry. This shows that our intention is not to gain political mileage from the issue.’’

When contacted on Tuesday, Raut said, “The inquiry will not be restricted to limited or specific cases and will be statewide.’’

Meanwhile, home department officials too have been left wondering as to how investigations can be conducted into cases where a Hindu girl has married a boy from the Muslim community or vice versa. “Finding such cases and calling the persons concerned for an inquiry would be a lengthy process,’’ an official said, adding that it may even lead to communal disharmony.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Muslims triumph over opposition

4:00AM Wednesday Jul 01, 2009

The total irony of this stupidity is, that they think they have made a win for freedom, and democracy is working as it should. Yeah they might want to check and see exactly how much freedom and democracy is likely to be taught in an Islamic school. Good luck with that one.

By Greg Ansley

CANBERRA - Sydney's Muslims have won the latest battle to establish schools for their children in a gruelling campaign against strident local opposition.

Liverpool Council, in the city's southwest, has approved a school for 800 Islamic students in the suburb of Hoxton Park, rejecting a bid by three councillors to overturn an earlier decision to allow the project.

Islamic educators had previously won an appeal against Bankstown Council's rejection of its proposal to build a school for 1200 students at Bass Hill that would be one of the largest in Australia.

But they have also lost bids to build schools in the rural town of Camden, on Sydney's western fringes, and in the Liverpool suburb of Austral.

Although religious and ethnic issues were raised by objectors - especially at Camden - the rejections of Islamic proposals have been based on zoning, traffic and similar issues.

New South Wales has half the approximately 30 Islamic schools in Australia, with 168,000 of the country's 322,000 Muslims living in the state.

Just under 10 per cent of the population of the City of Liverpool is Islamic.

Liverpool Council approved the Hoxton Park proposal in early June, but was forced by the vote of three councillors to establish an independent panel to investigate local concerns, most of which were based on increased traffic volumes. But Ikebal Patel, of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said a movement within Sydney had taken it to heart that "anything that is Islamic, they would oppose".

The NSW Association of Independent Schools also said that traffic objections appeared to have become "code for prejudice".

On Monday night the report of the independent panel was presented to a packed council chamber, which greeted its ruling that the school would not harm the local or regional road network with boos and cheers.

"The proposed siting of buildings and operation of the proposed educational establishment minimises any impacts on the amenity of surrounding residential properties," the report said.

But outside the meeting infuriated locals blasted the council's decision.

"It's devastating," one man told ABC radio. "They just haven't any regards for the concerns of the people in the area."

Another opponent said, "To me it sounds like the council aren't hearing the residents of Hoxton Park." But Geoff Newcombe, of the Independent Schools Association, told the ABC any schools - state, Catholic or independent - had the right to set up in any area as long as they complied with planning conditions, as the Hoxton proposal did.

"I think it shows that our democracy is working and that we're not responding to emotional or racial pressures," he said.

Last month Liverpool Council rejected another plan for an Islamic school at Austral because of zoning and traffic concerns.

At Camden, opposition to a proposed 900-student Islamic school took any ugly turn when two pig's heads were impaled on stakes on the site, opponents claimed the school would be a breeding ground for terrorists, and four Christian churches said Islam's views were incompatible with the Australian way of life.

The NSW Land and Environment Court this month upheld Camden's city council's rejection of the proposal, finding it was inconsistent with rural zoning objectives.

But the court forced Bankstown City Council to allow the new school at Bass Hill after dismissing traffic, noise and environmental objections, and asking if the council would have raised similar objections if the application had been for an Anglican school.

A willing ally to Hamas's hatred

Article from: The Australian

THE Green Left Weekly is probably Australia's best-known radical-left newspaper. While nominally independent, it is affiliated with the Socialist Alliance party and its youth movement Resistance! Like most radical socialist groups, it invariably aligns with the anti-Israel movement.

For some time it has been apparent that an unholy alliance is growing between extreme left-wing groups and Arab and Islamic extremists, despite completely different visions for society. This alliance has been on show in much of the anti-war movement in Britain and other places.

For instance, Britain's "Respect" party is basically an alliance of radical Muslims and old hard-line Marxists such as former Labour MP George Galloway. Galloway was pro-Saddam Hussein before the 2003 Iraq war. Today, he works for the Iranian government mouthpiece television station, Press TV.

But what isn't widely known is that the Green Left Weekly is openly promoting extremism among Arabic speakers in Australia through a monthly Arabic-language insert called the Flame. This support is not limited to Green Left Weekly's own far-left agenda. It supports terrorist groups and promotes violence as the solution to the existence of the "Zionist state."

You would think GLW's declared pursuit of the advancement of "anti-racist, feminist, student, trade union, environment, gay and lesbian, civil liberties" would rule out the promotion of radical Islamist groups such as Hamas, which are deeply hostile to all the above.

Yet alongside content promoting the PFLP, a tiny left-wing and currently marginal Palestinian terror group, Hamas is also promoted by GLW as a positive model of "resistance"; that is to say, terrorism. Those killed as a result of the violence Hamas sparks are "martyrs", terminology Flame shares with Hamas. Further, the terminology of the Flame is openly hostile to the more moderate governments of the region and repeatedly demands all-out war on the "Zionist entity".

The January edition of the Flame was devoted to the conflict in Gaza. The cover page is a compilation of statements from various communist parties in the Arab world. Predictably, the communiques incited its Arabic readers with imagery of "slaughter," and a "waterfall of Palestinian blood washing the streets". More surprisingly, there are implicit calls for other Arab states to expand the Gaza war.

In "Hunt of a people", the paper refers to the 1982 Lebanon war, indignant "Arab capitals stood watching, exactly as is happening now."

The paper targets American-allied Arab governments for their moderation in the war, which it terms "collusion". The front-page article from the Iraqi Communist Party rebukes the Saudi government, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority, which it disparagingly dubs the "Oslo Authority". The Mubarak government is condemned for being "a loyal accomplice to Israel and the Oslo Authority in their attempt to shut Hamas out". It also accuses the Saudi monarchy of having covert dealings with "the Zionists" stretching back decades. Any non-violent interaction with Israel, whether actual or imagined, is scorned.

In the March edition the Flame was aghast at Egypt for co-operating with the US against Hamas. Its expose was titled "Egypt uses American soldiers to prevent weapons smuggling to the resistance!" In the Arabic, "the resistance" is euphemism for terrorist violence and for Hamas itself.

Another article, "A return to principles is necessary after the Israeli aggression", is more virulent. An illustration shows a Palestinian imprisoned behind barbed wire shaped as a partial Jewish star. The article condemns those calling the Gaza war a victory for the "resistance", given the large proportion of "martyrs" from the Palestinian people in comparison to the "slim" number killed among "soldiers of the Israeli occupation army". The rest of the article is critical of the Palestinian factions for their internecine fight.

It criticises Hamas for abandoning its traditional position as the "resistance" against "the enemy" to fight the PA and calls for a "united Palestinian resistance" which will "return the benefit to the Palestinian people". It is clear that this unity will not negotiate peace with Israel, with the paper stating "this unity in battle must not fall into the trap of dialogue that the decrepit Arab regimes of the region are producing." The Flame defines Israel as "the enemy" and demands violent "resistance" while pouring scorn on negotiations or dialogue, It praises the assassination of a "Zionist minister" as "courageous."

The radical anti-Israel stance of Green Left Weekly is no secret. However, the message it pitches to the Arabic-speaking community of Australia is far more inflammatory. Unbeknown to its English readers, it supports terrorist groups such as Hamas whose goal is to create a state where there would be no place for the gays, lesbians, feminists and trade unionists who read the English-language edition of the paper.

Ilan Grapel is a researcher with the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council.