Saturday, January 31, 2009

Multiculturalism is a lie.

I am so fed up with multiculturalism ( Diversity )

Quick fact, multiculturalism is bullshit. Well ok that was an opinion but still, its a true enough opinion.

Multiculturalism is the lie that is fed to a society, that the society has no single identity, that it is instead a conglomeration of many cultural identities.

The multicultural lie, is the lie that precedes the mass immigration of cheap unskilled workers, the workers that are brought here in order to drive down living standards and drive down wages. To ultimately destroy the cultural identity that does already exist here, to destabilize societies cohesion.

Multiculturalism is the lie that hides an agenda. The agenda to usurp the liberties and freedoms of a cohesive society and replace them with a corporate fascism.

Ask yourself one question, why are we immigrating so many Muslims here during a time of global Islamic terrorism? We all know that Islam is a huge sack of shit, that Islam refuses to play nice in the world, that Islam hates freedom, hates liberty, hates democracy, hates woman and hates children. So why during a time of terrorism are we immigrating so many these people here who culturally identify with biggest sack of shit on the face of the Earth?

One answer, destabilisation.

They, the corporatised Government, know full well, that Islam is the prefect vehicle to usurp liberty, freedom and democracy, its a power elites wet dream.

So next time you feel like being culturaly sensitive and culturaly inoffensive, you might want to pause and have a thought for the preservation of your own culture first, before its gone and you have to fight to try and get it back.

Islam can go get fucked, in my opinion.

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