Wednesday, February 25, 2009

People too scared to go out and spend money

Who would have thought this would happen? Derrrrr Fred!

News this morning is that people are reporting that they are too scared to go out into the so called community in Sydney and spend money which the economy needs to stay afloat. Now the economy is failing even faster they say.

Why are people too scared to go out and spend? Well, we find out this morning its not because consumers fear spending money in the current economic climate. No no no, its because they fear BEING BASHED!

Noone says the obvious, but the obvious is is that the government's Diversity Project has meant gangs, increased ethnic violence in the streets and a sharp increase in street crime. Let's face facts, the street landscape has changed dramatically in the last 5 years especially, and the street is not a desirable place to be! I for one, nearly got pushed off the pavement by a large group of middle eastern men whilst trying to do my shopping last week in Melbourne.

What I predict is a sharp increase in secure gated households and indiginious Australians staying indoors more and more, and purchasing off shore goods and services from the internet; just to help the local economy along even more. Who wants to go out and get pushed off the pavement, or even worse, get bashed or robbed? Not me. I'm staying home and watching neighbours.

I can hear Julia Gillard saying "get used to it"; I hope she does.

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