Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Population boom our biggest since 60s

  • There's now 21.8 million Australians
  • Most growth due to immigration
  • 160,000 babies born in the year to March

AUSTRALIA'S population soared by almost half a million people in the year to March - a boom not seen since the 1960s.

A green group says that's no cause for celebration and has called for immigration to be cut to protect the environment.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data released today shows the population increased by just over two per cent - or 439,000 people - in the year to March.


The sorts of growth we see in this article are quite frankly, ridiculous. I'll bet my bottom dollar that the real growth is more likely in the millions, if we factor in the students, temporary residents, asylum seekers and all the other sorts of back-door immigration programs. Shit, you don't need the statistics to tell you what is so bloody obvious, you only have to take a trip down to your local supermarket or a ride on public transport, to see that the growth in immigration is outrageously enormous. This government is in the process of not only allowing, but also actively encouraging, a foreign invasion of our sovereign nation. As far as I'm concerned, that is treason. - Dave

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