Monday, January 4, 2010

Racist immigrants will be blamed for the fatal stabbing of an Indian man

"Do we have a description of the assailants? According to press reports this man has been previously attacked by a group of thugs. Again, do we have a general description - or are we pussyfooting around the truth once again, unable to come to grips with unwelcome reality?"

Of course everyone in Melbourne is aware, that Footscray, which used to be an Australian suburb, is now full of Islamic Sudanese, Middle Eastern Arabs and Somalians. There is hardly an Australian to be seen in Footscray. So, welcome to the divisive multicultural, ethnically diverse, immigration hell hole where immigrants (in this case likely be be muslims) attack other immigrants and Australians are blamed. Dave

THE furore over attacks on Indians in Australia is set to ignite again, with a young Indian man stabbed to death on his way to work in Melbourne's western suburbs on Saturday night.

CRICKETING legends Shane Warne and Ricky Ponting have been urged to speak out against violence against Indian students following the brutal murder of Nitin Garg.

Gautam Gupta, a spokesman for the Federation of Indian Students in Australia, says the two cricket stars have huge followings in India and it is about time they voiced their concerns.

Mr Gupta said the Indian community believed the murder was a 'racist attack'.

"His mobile phone and his wallet were still there," he said.

"There's a lot of frustration because of the question of racism. What we have to see is how this anger is manifested."

"From their point of view, there can be no other motivation than race. Everyone I have spoken to says there's a lot of fear and a lot of anger about it.

Mr Gupta said it was time Ponting and Warne spoke up because they have millions of fans in India.

"They should jump in and defend Indian students in Australia," Mr Gupta said.

"Shane Warne is an icon in India - he has millions of fans."

Mr Gupta's call follows the stabbing murder of Mr Garg, a 21-year-old accounting graduate , who was on his way to his job at a Hungry Jacks fast food outlet in West Melbourne on Saturday night when he was attacked.

"There is a lot of frustration within the Indian community with the way this is being handled," Mr Gupta said.

"People are losing confidence with every passing day."

Australia's bilateral relationship with the emerging economic power is also being threatened after the murder of Mr Garg.

One of Mr Garg's relatives is expected in Australia this week to collect his body and return it to the family's home state of Punjab in northern India.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe said he hoped investigations into the murder would start to make some headway.

"We have had a tragic incident in relation to Mr Garg," Mr Walshe said.

"We're hopeful we can get some traction on the investigation," he told the ABC.

The Australian reports that Nitin Garg, 21, a masters graduate who was about to embark on a career in accounting.

Mr Garg, originally from the Punjab in northern India, was set upon about 10pm on Saturday night as he crossed Cruickshank Park in West Footscray. He staggered into the nearby Hungry Jacks where he worked and pleaded for help before he collapsed.

Ambulance officers took him to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, but he was unable to be saved.

Mr Gupta said student leaders were considering holding a protest and he predicted a frenzied reaction once news of the killing hit the Indian media.

One of Mr Garg's housemates, Pawan Kumar, said he enjoyed cricket and other sports as well as spending time with his friends and was excited to be starting his career.

"He was a very ambitious boy and he just finished his masters of accounting," he said.

"He was about to leave his current job and begin his career."

Mr Kumar said he and Mr Garg lived with four other friends from India, and his death had left them devastated. "Yesterday we all had dinner together and we still can't believe this happened," he said.

"Last year, his father passed on and now there is only his mother and one brother and one sister.

"It's terrible for us. We still can't believe we lost someone like this."

India reacts

Indian media have since reported the attack, detailing the anger of senior politicians.

Newspapers The Times of India and Indian Express are reporting Mr Garg’s death, with a video report on The Times’ website has had more than 10,500 views.

The Times said Mr Garg, an accounting graduate, was the "first casualty in a series of attacks on Indians in Australia that began in June last year’’.

"Nitin Garg, who had a permanent residency, was stabbed in the abdomen by unidentified attackers and left bleeding on the roadside,’’ the report said.

Indian Foreign Minister S M Krishna told reporters in Bangalore that Australian authorities should take note of the "deep anger'' being caused attacks on Indians and the "bearing'' they could have on bilateral ties.


  1. I doubt urging Caucasian cricketers to denounce attacks on Indians will do anything... but I do think getting Osama Bin Laden to denounce these attacks might carry a bit more weight with the target audience.

  2. I could almost guarantee that this attack was ideologically motivated, as in Islamic hatred for Hinduism. It's an ideal situation for these Islamic Neanderthals though, they attack an Indian, motivated out of Islamic ideological hatred, and the white Australian gets blamed for it.

    Multiculturalism, good for the country, NOT!

  3. Interesting view though it is hard to say if other immigrants are to blame for this tragedy; right?

  4. My opinion, is that it is highly likely that these attacks and probably most of these kinds of depraved attacks, can be directly attributable to immigrants from 3rd world nations, particluarly islamic nations.

  5. i am an indian and i saw a white aussie guy robbing a chinese guy last week near brisbane. we indians caught him, broke his nose, face and threw him onto the street. not all criminals are muslims and africans. 70% are white australian, according to NSW police records 2009. so keep it cool mate.

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