Sunday, February 21, 2010

Breaking free from the prison of political correctness

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Political correctness has become a deadly censorship that must be stopped if America is to survive as a nation. It is our nations number one enemy and poses a greater threat than Osama Bin Laden and the Islamic Jihadists. It is political correctness that prevents us from clearly understanding and properly identifying this enemy. It keeps us from calling a spade a spade, and thus pandering to evil. Political correctness enables appeasement and passivity to a dangerous and dreadful degree as exemplified by the Jihadist attack killing 13 at Ft. Hood, Texas.

In order to break free from this prison of political correctness in which we have locked ourselves, we must first see it for what it is. We hear about it constantly, but I believe a clouded understanding of it keeps us bowing to its demands, and thus enshrouded in fear.

Political correctness has been defined in many different ways. One of the most accurate was expressed by President Bush (the elder) when he wrote on a blog after the Ft. Hood attack, The notion of political correctness declares certain topics, certain expressions, even certain gestures, off-limits. What began as a crusade for civility has soured into a cause of conflict and even censorship.

Political correctness has ultimately created a state of fear preventing the expression of truth. People do not communicate what they really think or believe for fear of offending others. This is the essence of this cowardly phenomenon that is, at its core, a lie.

It is also completely backwards if looked at in a rational sense. If I allow poltical correctness to be a factor in my interactions with others, then what I am actually communicating to them is that I dont think they have the strength and confidence of character to appreciate and respect another persons opinions, beliefs and convictions, if they happen to think or believe differently. In other words, political correctness is an insult to another persons inherent self confidence and self worth – it is a veiled condescension. The person attempting to be politically correct is basically saying, I think youre too fragile to deal with something different, and therefore I will put on kid gloves and cater to your weakness.

Summarily, the manner or posture of political correctness should be offensive to those it is meant to protect.

What is the consequence of such absurdity? A severely weakened citizenry. A nation of timid souls and sheepish people. We are relegated to keeping quiet and passive in the face of injustice and evil. Guy Rodgers, Executive Director of American Congress for Truth, may have said it best:

…a culture of political correctness actively fostered in academia, government, the media, and in the military and law enforcement, has created a climate of fear in this country that has not only compromised our safety and security, but compromised our cherished ideals of a free press and free speech. It has also produced an unwillingness, and even an inability, to accurately define our enemy. This has left us highly vulnerable to the creeping advance of cultural Jihad and the infiltration of government, media, academia, and the entertainment industry by committed Islamists whose ultimate objective is the downfall of our constitutional form of government and the imposition of Islamic shariah law.

Thus is the state of our current prison sentence. We must break free or America will fall. Doing so will require bold speech and action in the face of persecution. The unvarnished truth must be championed and touted by every God-fearing, red-blooded American, every day and in every way.

May God help us speak the truth in love, for it is the only thing that will set us free…

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