Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another cultural practice you’re expected to tolerate, respect and celebrate?

This article is from the Australian Conservative

“A growing number of Muslim men and their multiple wives are exploiting a loophole to get taxpayer handouts,” the Herald Sun reported last month.

“Polygamy is illegal in Australia, but a Centrelink spokeswoman said it was not the welfare agency’s job to police polygamy laws.”

Multicultural relativists preach that while all cultures are equal and should be tolerated, accorded respect and even celebrated, all citizens must obey the host country’s laws. It was one of the deceptions multiculturalists used as they entrenched this left wing ideology in Australia.

In reality, as the ideology took root, the concept that all are equal before the law was abandoned in favour of lax policing and “culturally sensitive” sentencing.

But, it seems, in this case, claiming welfare for multiple wives is within Australian law – if the polygamy occurs outside of Australia.

But, returning to the Herald Sun story:

A 2008 report by the Islamic Women’s Welfare Council of Victoria “found Centrelink payments had encouraged polygamy in a small section of the Islamic community.

“‘Community workers who have provided support to women whose husbands took another wife religiously, said that women blame the availability of Centrelink benefits … since one or the other wife will be claiming it, relieving the husband of the responsibility of supporting two families,’ the report stated.

“Centrelink general manager Hank Jongen admitted the agency was making payments to people in multiple-couple relationships.

“‘There’s nothing preventing them from being in more than one ‘member of a couple’ relationship at a time,’ he said. ‘In these cases, Centrelink pays each person the relevant income-tested payment at the partnered rate.’”

Australian Conservative reported in July last year that a Muslim woman phoned in during a legal advice segment on 774 ABC Melbourne asking what she could do about her husband who, she said, has married another woman in Pakistan and returned to Australia with his new wife.

The answer from the radio station’s regular legal expert amounted to: not much, short of divorce.

The woman explained that the local mosque encouraged Muslim men to take as many wives as possible in order to build the Islamic population in Australia.

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