Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Conservatives do suck, that's true. They suck at using and creating a positive self narrative that counters the slander and lies flung at them by the leftist socialists.

The Leftist socialists have no positive narrative of their own, because everything they touch turns to shit. They attempt to rid themselves of their own failures by slinging that shit at conservatives in an attempt to confuse the populace.

They cannot use liberty, nor can they use freedom, as both liberty and freedom are conservative ideals that come about though small government, non interference and the protection of individual rights.

Socialism on the other hand, by it's very nature, is totalitarian.

Socialists have no moral high ground to stand on, as everything they stand for is anti-libertarian, so must therefore resort to slander, lies and shit flinging in order to confuse and manipulate.

Conservatives do indeed suck, they suck at creating and promoting their own narrative, one that fits with their own ideological base, the narrative of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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