Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Better late then never ─ An apostate speaks out

......I can not undertake a genocide either, like he committed to Bani quriza, I cant torture a Kinana just to know where the treasures are hidden, I cant kill any Ka’b or Asma for composing poetry criticizing me, I cant consummate (Rape) a Shafia same day after killing his beloved husband and father, I cant consider innocent children and women as booty. I can’t perform Azl with captive women to prevent her pregnancy so that her price does not fall down in slave market. I cannot take 14 wives, many concubines and slave girls to have sex. I cannot cheat my wife (Hafsa) to have sex with slave girl Mariah the Coptic. I cannot sly infidels wherever I find them. I cannot abstain myself taking friends among infidels. And there are many more things for which I cannot follow his holiness footsteps. I don't believe in the myth that “Islam is the religion of Peace or: Islam is a complete code of life” Because, now I know the history of Islam how it multiplied, I witnessed the Taliban regime (an ideal Islamic regime and real Islam in action) and understood the essence of Islamic “complete code” of life theory, completely unmatched with human rights that I have learnt.

I witnessed the Hadith in action when they dealt with women in Afghanistan, forced to leave jobs, hijabified, stoned, lashed and hanged. Bunch of bearded Neanderthals roaming the rocky milieu carrying AK-47, this picture has become a nightmare to me. Not even in my worst dream, I would want to be amongst them, never. I don't want to be dictated by a 7th century cave man in my daily life- how to eat, how to sit, how to sleep, how to sleep with my wife, how to wash private parts, how to walk, how to select proper stone to use after urinating. All of a sudden, I become just too much unholy to accept all these craps.

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