Friday, May 8, 2009

Muslim dentist 'humiliated patient by forcing her to wear Islamic headscarf'

This is an old article but it illustrates what I consider the stupidity of Islam and the Islamics' total disregard for our way of life and our freedoms. It illustrates the intolerance Islam has for our western liberty and values, even though these Islmanics come to our great countries to get away from their own oppressive and hostile Islamic countries.

Last updated at 16:28 24 September 2007

A Muslim dentist allegedly 'humiliated' a female patient by forcing her to wear an Islamic headscarf and ordering her to sit in the waiting room.

Omer Butt, 31, told the mum he would refuse to register her as an NHS patient if she did not cover her head, the General Dental Council (GDC) was told.

The woman, who is a non-practising muslim and works as an NHS community nurse, was in so much pain she agreed to borrow a headscarf from a nurse at Butt's clinic in Bury, Lancs, it is said.

But she stormed out of the surgery when Butt quoted Islamic religious texts at her and told her to sit in the waiting room with the headscarf on, the hearing was told.

One of the nurses is said to have warned the young woman - who is being referred to only as Patient A - that 'inside the surgery it is Dr Butt's world and his rules that apply'.

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