Thursday, October 1, 2009

Migrants key to replacing baby boomers

THERE is much angst about the projection of the Australian population to 35 million in the recently updated intergenerational report.

But as regular readers of this column will know, the projection figures are not new.

In September last year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics updated its projections for the states and capital cities based on the results of the 2006 census.

These projections showed the national population at 35 million in 2056. The intergenerational report has the population at 35 million by 2049.

The notion of Australia growing to 35 million by mid-century has been around for 12 months. Within weeks of this outlook first being released last year I explained that the implications were profound.

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I noticed that the 6 or so comments that I read after this article, are all in consensus, that the increasing immigration rate into Australia is not only not a viable strategy for the benefit of Australians future, it will lead to a diminished standard of living and a demise in the health of our country and people. - Dave

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