Saturday, October 31, 2009

Overpopulation unsustainable

This a slightly older article but the message here needs to become higher in the consciousness of the Australian population.

Australia is a dry continent and it is only getting dryer, this obvious fact about our natural environment seems to be somehow missing from the recognition of the immigration and baby bonus proponents. - Dave

Australia needs one-child policy: ex-MP

Posted Wed Apr 22, 2009 4:26pm AEST
Updated Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:10pm AEST

A former MP says Australia should consider having a one-child policy and other measures to ensure a sustainable population.

Former Upper House Democrat in South Australia, Sandra Kanck, now heads a group urging that Australia limit its population.

Ms Kanck says she knows the Catholic Church will object to her suggestion that Australia look to promoting one-child families.

She thinks the baby bonus needs to be discontinued or limited to the first child only.

The one-child limit could also be applied to paid maternity leave, she argues.

Ms Kanck says her group, Sustainable Population Australia, is worried about the strain on Australia's resources, such as water.

The man who replaced Ms Kanck on her retirement from the SA Legislative Council, Australian Democrat David Winderlich, has distanced the party from Ms Kanck's views.

"People might think that she's speaking for the Democrats. She's not," he said.

"She's expressing her view as spokesperson for Sustainable Population Australia.

"That view is different from the view of the Democrats, which is we do have a population problem but a draconian one-child approach is not the solution."


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