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Diversity kills at Fort Hood

This is an email article from the Peter Morrison report, a free news letter for Texas Conservatives. ( or anyone else )

Summary of this week's report:

The recent massacre at Fort Hood demonstrates the dangers of
immigration, affirmative action, multiculturalism and political
correctness. If it weren't for these policies, this and many other
preventable horrors could have been avoided. It's time to reverse
course and get back to sanity in America.

My prayers are for the victims and their families, and I see it as
a solemn duty for all Americans to carefully examine the true
causes of this tragedy to help ensure a similar terrorist act will
never happen again.

Full report:

On November 5, all of America was stunned when the news broke that
there had been a mass shooting at Fort Hood in Killeen, with many
casualties. Eventually we learned that thirteen people had been
murdered, and dozens others wounded in just a few minutes, all the
work of one man, Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan. Hasan is a
Muslim of Palestinian descent, and when his name was first
broadcast, tens of millions of Americans naturally wondered if his
race and religion didn't play a huge role in motivating him to go
on a mass killing spree. Our worst fears were confirmed when we
learned that Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar!," an Arabic phrase for
"Allah is the Greatest!" as he mowed down unarmed American
soldiers. How could this happen in the US military?

The liberal media went into crisis mode immediately to nip that
question in the bud. For them, the crisis wasn't that dozens of
people had been murdered or wounded on America's most populous
military base by a treasonous Arab Muslim. No, for the media, the
crisis was that "racists" and "bigots" out there in flyover country
might start putting two and two together and start asking some
questions of our leaders the media would rather they didn't ask. On
top of this, they wanted to keep America's anger in check, in order
to make sure that this brutal massacre didn't slow down America's
rapid decline into a nightmare of multiculturalism and political

The spin started right away, and it's been going on ever since.
One national news show said it was too bad the killer's name wasn't
Smith. We were told that Hasan was mentally ill, and his religion
had absolutely nothing to do with the massacre, and only a bigot
would think otherwise. Several media outlets suggested that Hasan
was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, even though he
had never seen combat. There were also countless articles and news
items fretting about a possible "backlash" and how it might affect
Muslims in America. Look at how Barack Obama himself reacted.
After an outrageous and shocking display of insensitivity where he
"gave a shout out" to someone before casually discussing the
massacre for a couple of minutes and then went back to business as
usual, he stressed that American's shouldn't "jump to conclusions."

As Ann Coulter and others have said, to liberals, Hasan and Muslims
are the real victims of the Fort Hood massacre. They go out of
their way to blame everyone and everything except Hasan and his
religion of Jihad. Compare the media's reaction to the Fort Hood
massacre with their response to the murders of abortionist George
Tiller and a guard at the Holocaust museum. In those cases, plenty
of media pundits had no qualms about blaming the entire pro-life
movement or "right wingers" for the actions of one person. The
Hasan massacre didn't fit Obama's and the media's narrative -
whites, heterosexuals, Americans, Republicans, Christians, US
military = bad, while non-whites, homosexuals, foreigners,
Democrats, Muslims = good.

The media reaction was bad enough, but what was even more shocking
was what came out a few days later. Several members of the Army
and the intelligence community have made statements which would
cause any normal person to wonder why Hasan wasn't locked up or
dishonorably discharged years ago. Colleagues say he was
constantly engaging in "anti-American rants." One says Hasan once
stated that "infidels" should be set on fire. We're told that
Hasan regularly made statements to the effect that Muslims
shouldn't fight for America against Muslim countries. Incredibly,
we've also learned that the FBI was aware that Hasan was trying to
contact al Qaeda, but did nothing about it. Equally amazing is the
report that Hasan once gave a speech to a military medical
conference in which he said that non-Muslims "should be beheaded
and have boiling oil poured down their throats." Again, absolutely
nothing was done, even though many military doctors were in
attendance at this speech.

How could such a thing happen in America? Actually, the question
should be why we're surprised that something like this has taken
place. The Fort Hood massacre was the predictable result of
decades of massive immigration from third world countries,
affirmative action, enforcement of political correctness and
"celebration" of diversity and multiculturalism. All of these
policies would be bad enough on their own, but when combined they
result in a prescription for disaster, on both a small and large

By most accounts, Hasan should've been a shining success story.
He's a second generation immigrant, whose parents came here
legally, and who is fully "assimilated." He speaks English well,
was smart enough in high school that the Army paid for his medical
school, and he became a licensed medical doctor. His relatives
assure us that he is a "moderate" Muslim. Until November 5th,
Nidal Malik Hasan was the kind of person politicians like to point
to as proof that the "American dream" is still alive, and that
third world immigration makes our country stronger.

However, somewhere along the way the "American dream" turned into a
nightmare. If Hasan is a moderate Muslim, I'd hate to meet a
radical one. He may have done well in high school, but several of
his classmates at medical school say he was unqualified to be
studying at that level, and lazy to boot. Yet, because of quotas
and affirmative action, he still was given a degree. One military
source says officers who heard him praise suicide bombers and call
for the beheading of infidels say that they didn't complain
"because they're afraid of getting an equal-opportunity complaint
that can end careers."

Why did this happen? It happened because political correctness and
the craze for "diversity" are rampant in the military, just as they
are in every aspect of government. The head of the Navy even
declared diversity to be "a strategic imperative." In a climate
like that, it's apparently not the Muslim calling for beheadings
and suicide bombings that's the problem; it's the person who raises
a red flag about him, because he might interfere with his
commanding officer meeting his diversity goals. Even after Fort
Hood, Army Chief of Staff George Casey's main concern seems to be
for Muslim soldiers, not America's future. He's hoping that
nothing is done to keep Muslims out of the military, because,
according to him, "a diverse army gives us strength." Perhaps he's
recently read the dystopian novel 1984, in which "Ignorance Is
Strength." In another few years, we'll learn that "Diversity Is

The result of this political correctness is destroying our country
from within. We're importing millions of third world peoples with
no connections to us or our culture, and expecting them all to
ignore their racial, religious and tribal loyalties and swear
allegiance to a multicultural USA. We tell ourselves the absurd
fairy tale that a nation made up of every ethnic and religious
group under the sun, speaking all kinds of languages, with many of
the groups hating us and/or each other, somehow will make us less
divisive and "stronger."

Americans that actually love their country are discriminated
against, while people like Hasan are given all kinds of quotas and
affirmative action. Anyone that dissents gets attacked for their
opinion. If anyone says that maybe a Muslim that talks about
beheading non-Muslims shouldn't be in our military, or that
security agents at airports shouldn't focus on old ladies while
ignoring young Arabic men dressed in Muslim garb that are acting
suspicious, they're denounced as "racists" and "bigots."

If we don't change our policies, we'd unfortunately better get used
to seeing more Fort Hood type events in the near future. If the
America we grew up in is going to survive, this madness has to
stop, and it has to stop right away. Stopping illegal immigration
and reducing and reforming legal immigration are top priorities.
That's the first step. Then we need to eliminate all quotas,
preferences, and other forms of affirmative action. Finally, we
have to stop risking the lives of our families and fellow Americans
by letting false accusations of "bigotry" and "racial
discrimination" stand in the way of common sense or law
enforcement, both locally and nationally. As conservatives, we
must start speaking out about these things and insisting that the
GOP act on our concerns. Contrary to what the media would have you
believe, this unspeakable tragedy could have been avoided due to
all the warning signs. For the sake of the future lives that are at
stake, we should do our best to prevent a similar situation from
happening again.


The Peter Morrison Report

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