Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Multiculturalism kills

More evidence of America’s Jihad Denial Derangement Syndrome. It turns out that fellow students of the army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan who murdered 13 and wounded dozens more in a jihadi attack on Fort Hood had complained to the faculty about his anti-American propaganda – but were too afraid to file a formal complaint for fear of being accused of prejudice:

However, classmate Finnell said that Hasan made a presentation during their studies ‘that justified suicide bombing’ and spewed ‘anti-American propaganda’ as he argued the war on terror was ‘a war against Islam.’ Finnell said he and at least one other student complained about Hasan, surprised that someone with ‘this type of vile ideology’ would be allowed to wear an officer’s uniform. But Finnell said no one filed a formal, written complaint about Hasan's comments out of fear of appearing discriminatory (my emphasis).

It seems that multiculturalism kills.

Meanwhile, although President George W Bush and his wife paid a condolence visit to Fort Hood, it appears that no such visit has been forthcoming from the current incumbent at the White House, who chose to go to Camp David instead for a break.

Bet he makes that visit now.


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