Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Islamic school on the move

What next, we open a Nazi education institution next door to parliament house? The insanity never seems to end. - Dave

Canberra's Islamic School will be relocated to southern Canberra.

The ACT Government has given the green light to move the school from Watson to the former CIT site in Weston.

The Government will sell about 6 hectares of the site - including all the buildings - to the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope says public consultation identified broad support for the relocation.

"There was general agreement the site be retained for community use and a strong preference from the community that it be used as a school rather than redeveloped for medium-density housing," he said.

The new school will cater for kindergarten through to year 12.

Mr Stanhope says the school hopes to be up and running for the first term of next year.

Arboretum park</h3>;

The remainder of the Weston site will be consolidated with the CIT arboretum on the adjoining block.

"The arboretum is to be converted to a public park and managed as part of the open space network," Mr Stanhope said.

"When it is safe and suitable it will be opened to the public."

Mr Stanhope says a joint-steering committee will be set-up to oversee Parks Conservation and Land's takeover of the arboretum.

He says park facilities will be installed and it should open to the public within 12 months.

Article available from the Yahoo News website.. which is linked from the ABC..

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