Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Logical fallacy, such a giggle

This youtube profile gave me a bit of a giggle. It is so full of logical fallacy, it almost defies explanation. It demonstrates though, why the general religious mind set is incapable of understanding a simple logical course of investigation and theory.

It simply must be said, that attempting to contain "everything" within the limited scope of an ancient middle eastern "book" of superstition, isn't going to be either practical nor ever achievable. Leave it to the religious though, to believe that it is. When they have got done with that, then maybe they can start on a logical investigation attempting to develop a workable perpetual motion machine, if nothing else, it might keep then distracted long enough while us adults get on with intelligent endeavours. - Dave


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30 August 2007
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For the Muslim there is no need for separation between religion and science.

Think about this:
If there is a creation, there must be a Creator.
If there is a Creator, He must be the Sustainer. The Creator Cannot Create Himself.
If He is the sole Creator/Sustainer -- He must be ONE.
God must be one. Otherwise we would see great differences and competition between the gods if there were one -- Alone.

Do we agree that this is a creation? Or do we accept that nothing came out of nothing to form this entire universe?
This is a very clear message from Allah, in the Quran. Something does not come out of nothing. So, there must be something in existence already which created all that we know to exist. And that "something" needs to be called upon in times of need and thanksgiving.
As Allah has said in His Book: "I only created you all to worship Me Alone."

He also says that we are all being tested by Him with regard to our wealth, families, children and social status.
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a person who likes to be extremly kind to people and to environment.
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The last comment begs the question, why if you are so extremely kind to people and to the environment, do you support an ideology that actively commands death and destruction?

The poor kid must be terribly confused. - Dave

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