Sunday, June 14, 2009

Government to vote on compulsory student unionism

Further decent in to chaos and more student brainwashing!

COMPULSORY student unionism is set to return to campuses, almost half a decade after it was abolished by the Howard Government.
The Senate is expected to pass legislation this week allowing universities to charge students a compulsory services fee of up to $250 a year.
Several Nationals senators are expected to cross the floor and vote in support of the bill because of the deterioration of student services at regional campuses.
For the bill to pass, it needs the support of the Coalition or the votes of all five Greens senators, independent Nick Xenophon and Family First's Steve Fielding.
Senator Xenophon told The Sunday Telegraph he would vote in favour of the bill because an enriched campus life was about more than just attending classes.
"The Howard government's voluntary student unionism bill went way too far and had a terrible impact on campus life," he said. "I think the Government's bill will ensure tertiary students come out with a rounded education with varied experiences."

The $250 fee will help bankroll sport, child care, recreation, food, health care and other student services and campus amenities.
Senator Fielding said he remained undecided, but was mindful that students were already under immense financial strain.
"I am worried this additional fee will place even greater pressure on them," he said.
Student bodies have had their funding cut by $170 million since compulsory fees were scrapped.
If passed, the fee will apply to all students from next year.

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