Friday, June 5, 2009

We're not the racists. Article from Herald Sun


Andrew Bolt

June 03, 2009 12:00am

IF we weren't so scared of seeming racist, we wouldn't now seem so, er, racist that even India is giving us lectures.

Amazing, that. India, which perfected the caste system and is plagued by Hindu-Muslim bloodfests, is telling us we're too prejudiced?

But we have only our own stupidity and grovelling self-hatred to blame.
After all, which nation has spent so much apologetic cash and sweat to persuade the world we are vomiting with racism, and which has been, on the other hand, too militantly anti-racist to point out who is actually bashing many of these Indian students?

That so many Indian students are bashed and robbed can be largely explained by the kind of part-time jobs they tend to take, being hard workers - the late shifts in 7-Eleven stores, taxis and petrol stations, for instance.

Imagine how safe these students are when they then go home alone late at night, often walking or taking near-deserted trains back to the tough suburbs where the cheap rents are. How safe would your own children be?...................

...............True, video footage of the infamous pack-attack on Sourabh Sharma on the Werribee train shows thugs of various ethnicities, including, it seems, the Anglo kind.

But what police and many journalists refuse to confirm or even discuss is what victims and their spokesmen repeatedly say - that many of their attackers are Africans, Islanders and, less often, Asians who are newcomers themselves, beneficiaries of our eagerness to seem kind and tolerant.

Hear it from Macquarie University student Mukul Khanna, called back home by his worried parents: "A lot of my Pakistani friends have left the place after being brutally attacked and robbed . . . Interestingly, the attackers are mostly not locals and are themselves people of foreign origin."

O R read it in an edited statement that Tanveer X, bashed in January, gave to Beyond India Monthly: "When I turned on Anderson Rd I saw four black men . . . One of them came running behind us and hit me with the stick. Then they started hitting my wife . . . I want action against those African guys."

And have it confirmed in this Herald Sun report from last year, when Indian taxi drivers protested at having been the victims of most armed robberies on cabbies: "This year between May 8

and August 2 there were 12 reported robberies on taxi drivers in Flemington, Moonee Ponds and Ascot Vale.

"Police will not officially acknowledge any particular ethnic group is a target, or that any other group is carrying out the crimes. But in every case the victims told police their attackers were African . . ." And in all but two their victims were Indians.

Note yet again the reluctance of police to admit they have trouble with African gangs -- or gangs of any particular ethnicity.

Recall also how former chief commissioner Christine Nixon banned police from even using the word "gangs" and falsely claimed the crime rates for Sudanese were at the community average, rather than way, way above.

Note, also, how few media outlets will even discuss the ethnicity of some of the people now bashing Indian students, for fear of seeming racist.

That's how the false perception is allowed to grow that these attacks on Indians are just another example of our institutional racism, when the reverse may well be true -- that we're so over-eager to seem not racist that we take in immigrants we perhaps should not, and refuse to admit when they go wrong.

AND so we are hanged for our virtues. Again, I must point out Australia has home-grown racists, too, and too many children growing up underparented and uncivilised.

They, too, bash Indians - and each other. But to call us a racist nation on the scanty evidence so far is grossly unfair.

That we should take such offence is evidence we're actually not, no matter how loudly and how foolishly we once insisted we were.


  1. not everyone in India is buying what our media churns. Of course, if asked one would say we need to protect our people, but that a whole nation is racist is purely stupid perception. Of course, many of us never met a foreigner are easily xenophobic to the advantage of the people who like to own us, with some common enemy. And of course many of us cannot see our own country beyond our 4 walls.

    Of course, I am sure there are racist people in Australia. For that matter, I think most of the world is racist, given the circumstances. And for India, we will have more than the acceptable quota of racist behaviour against those we consider 'lesser' within or without the country.

    Maybe for some its just a practical thing about protecting its own peope? Maybe but I am not sure how some of our media's aim to brand an entire country racist is going to help.

    Things are probably going to get worse? And then we will not really know who really caused what. There will be enough reasons to take on each other.

    Neverthless, I think some strong steps need to be taken to protect the Indian students. Simply as an objective step against potential violence. Because things can just get worse trying to prove who is right or wrong. But that kind of cycle never stops and soon comes a time no one remembers who started the fire/... So, is life, I feel.

  2. What this article is trying to tell you is that the victims were not necessarily bashed by what you assume to be "Australians" but by newly arrived Africans, Islanders, and Asians. Australia is a multi racial country with lots of new arrivals every day from all sorts of places; and who, for whatever reason, do not like each other. There is a lot of racial gangs and wars going on here in Aus due to the new multi racial complexion of Australia.