Monday, June 1, 2009

Multicultural Australia, get used to it.

This is what we have to look forward to, here in Australia. Indian students making a nuisance of themselves.

When are people going to realise, that multiculturalism does not work, it is a disaster waiting to happen.


  1. Don't rich indians pay for the female children to get educated in Australia?

  2. Probably not.

    These Indians are the rich Indians that come here and think that they ought to be treated as though they are privileged. The women in Indian culture, are second class citizens and live in order to serve their male masters, like in every other backward 3rd world shit hole.

  3. for the past few days I was waiting to see your response on the attacks on Indian students by some Aussie morons. Probably you can say a word or two to your Universities who come here encouraging Indian students to study in Aus.

    You need a good education about Indian culture; the whole world knows about Indian culture and where the Aussies come from, right?

    you are better off writing about Islam; I liked them too. But keep off India!

  4. I have no problem with Indians, most Indians are good people, I just don't want them all here. Australia is my only home land and I don't want it being overrun by foreigners, any foreigners, not just Indians. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want India over run by English or Chinese, for example. We only have a small population unlike India, so we can be outnumbered fairly easily.

    When I go out now, I often feel like a foreigner in my own country because of the outrageous numbers of immigrants and students, it makes me very sad, I feel like crying, seeing my home essentially being given away for profit.

    Also our government encourages students here for one reason only, money. If I could, I would stop the promotion of Australian universities for foreign students but unfortunately, they don't listen to me nor do they care what I think.

    It's always about the money and the profit, always, sadly.

  5. Also, the universities used to be funded by the government but as the levels of funding stopped and the levels of students rose, the universities now have to get almost all of their funding from international students.

    We don't really need international students, we could easily fund our universities if all we were using them for was educating our own people, the way it used to be before the government became greedy.

  6. Can’t disagree with you; when you say you feel outnumbered in your home town, it’s a miserable feeling. Hate to be is such situations. But I guess, this is what is happening in most of the upcoming cities across the World. Bangalore, where I live is no different. Multi-culture cities cannot be ruled out in today’s world, but all Governments should put in place a system to keep it in check. Having said this, stray incidents do occur, not necessarily racial. Outsiders, whether Indians or others, should integrate. At the same time, the locals should be good hosts.


  7. I think it is very sad that the world is becoming so globalised, not because I don't like other cultures but because I think the world is so much richer and interesting when we help to preserve our unique ways of life and unique races, so long as some common ethical morals and human dignity is preserved of course.

    For example, if I go to Holland, I want to experience the Dutch way of life, with Dutch people, doing Dutch things. Multiculturalism destroys this rich and vibrant diversity funnelling the whole world into a drab shade of grey.

    If I go to India, I want to experience Indians and Indian culture, if you come to Australia, you expect to experience Australians and Australian culture, with the forced multicultural agenda so rampant at the moment, all this will be lost, unfortunately and very sadly.

    I have zero tolerance for Islam however, I will never condone such a brutal and oppressive ideology.

  8. You are right. Too much money around and lots of compromises (read local culture, eco system, values, et al)