Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Indians rally after 'racist' assault by Middle Easterners

A PROTEST by a group of Indian men in Sydney's west has dispersed.

Police say a crowd of about 150 people of Indian background had gathered at Wigram and Marion Streets in Harris Park last night, in protest at an assault on an Indian man aged in his 20s which occurred earlier in the evening by a group of men of Middle Eastern background.

A police spokeswoman said the man received minor injuries in the attack, but did not want to pursue the matter.

Shortly afterwards, a large crowd of Indian men congregated on Wigram St, where it is alleged they assaulted three men of Middle Eastern appearance who received minor cuts and bruises.

The trio were treated by ambulance officers.

Police remained in the area to monitor the remaining protesters, but a spokeswoman said they had now dispersed.


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  1. Its the middle eastern muslims attacking the indians on many occassions; and the indians know it and report it to police; but somehow the media doesn't like to report it. Wonder why.