Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Indian Students Protest Melbourne

Just in case anyone is wondering, I don't have anything against India or Indians, but I do have something against causing mayhem in the middle of the city for alleged racially motived assaults. I have also become increasingly concerned at the levels of Indians that I see in my home of Melbourne and their methods for communicating their displeasure with our city. The govt tells me there are currently 45,000 Indian students in my city alone. I often feel as though I am not even in my home any more but instead in Calcutta or some Indian city.

I am not opposed to Indian immigration or international students but am opposed to the sheer magnitude of numbers that our government is inviting in to our relative small community and the way they are interracting with us. There has to come a time when enough is enough and that time has already come and gone.

I don't condone violence as a viable course of action, as it nearly always makes the situation worse.

The fact though is that Melbourne has become a multi-racial and increasingly violent city. Visitors need to understand this, especially when they travel alone at night on public transport or whilst driving a taxi.

It is a huge assumption to assume these attacks occurred simply because the victims were Indians.


  1. Indians have concluded this was a racial attack.

    People get attacked ALL the time in Melbourne, of all colours, shapes and sizes.

    People of any culture, have got to realise, Melbourne has become in recent times a violent city. Shit happens.

  2. Yeah well, Australia used to be a peaceful and tranquil place to live, with very few problems and hardly ever any reason to fear.

    These fears have only become a problem since the government spearheaded an aggressive multicultural agenda.

    This country was awesome before all the immigration increased rapidly over the past 5-10 years from predominantly 3rd world countries, that's the facts.

  3. I echo both comments. Melbourne is now a place where we do not feel safe going to certain areas...such as Sunshine Station and surrounding areas, Footscray Station and West Footscray... I grew up in Braybrook, and now, I defy anyone to find more Aussies than migrants, especially from Sudan, Somalia, India and places similar. They come here,and continue their clan/tribe/caste/religious wars. Now we can also throw into the melting pot certain Maoris and Tongans who are warring against other gangs of cultural influences. I am so sick of it. Australia was a social experiment many years ago. When we had all the Italians migrate here, they at least fit into our society and above all - they were good workers...hence our Snowy River Scheme and many other places. It does not matter where people come from and ended up in Australia with their various cultures and religions, they were willing to share and work, thus contributing to the economic boom that we enjoyed. Now we have this 3rd world population coming in here and demanding this and that, and proving once again that people of the muslim religion just will never be able to live with any other culture. Now we have the Hindus going on about Christians.... Come here to Australia and live the life offered, or bloodywell stay in the cesspools that you come from.
    Melbourne, and Australia is having problems with water, hospitals and just about every other area of life you can think of...drought, economic shortages, over crowding, homeless, long waiting lists for hospitals and housing, police leaving the force because of bad conditions...enough is enough... I say END 3rd world migration and even muslim countries from coming here,they are an absolute drain on resources and the financial aspects is enough to blow your mind at least until we can manage to get our infrastructure in good working order, and our government coffers back in the black instead of in so much debt, considering the recession we are in and the high unemployment rate...which I might add....a person working a couple of hours a week is included in the working figures so making us at about 9% where in truth our unemployment rate of people working even 15-20-25 hours a week is included in the figures. I would like to see stats of full time employment against those working less than 20 hours a week then comparing those figures to those working 5-10 hrs per week...then see just what the real figures of unemployment are.