Monday, June 22, 2009

Lisa Neville gets death threat over Geelong flouride


June 22, 2009 12:08pm

ANTI-fluoride extremists have threatened to kill a Victorian Government minister and blow up a regional water authority.

As anger over fluoridating Geelong's water supply mounted today, Labor minister Lisa Neville has been targeted along with water and health officials.

A death threat was left with a bottle of water on the verandah of Ms Neville's house on Saturday night, a Government spokeswoman said.

Anti-fluoride activists have also threatened to blow up Barwon Water's treatment plants as the authority today begins adding fluoride to the water supply in Geelong, 70km southwest of Melbourne.

The Department of Human Services received a threatening letter in the mail last week.

All three threats are being investigated by police.

A Government spokeswoman said Ms Neville, who is the member for Bellarine, returned home on Saturday night to find the bottle of water and a note on her front verandah.

It read: "We're going to kill you, bitch."


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