Friday, April 10, 2009

Appeasing Islam: Crosses and bibles to be removed from Sydney Hospital

Appeasing Islam again:
Sydney hospital bans crucifixes, bibles from chapel

NSW Health Minister John Della Bosca says he will seek a review of a major Sydney hospital's decision to remove religious symbols - such as crucifixes and Bibles - from a chapel.
Royal North Shore Hospital has asked for all religious symbols to be removed from the hospital chapel because the building is now being used by a number of different faiths.
Each faith will be allowed to display their symbols during religious services, but they must be taken down and stored out of sight afterwards, The Daily Telegraph says.
The hospital was "moving with the times'', a spokeswoman told the paper.
Mr Della Bosca says he will ask a public chaplaincy committee, which advises NSW Health and is made up of religious leaders from all faiths, to review the decision and provide the hospital with advice.
"We do need to move with the times, but we need to move with the advice of the people, the ministers of religion and priests that work in ... chapels in our public hospital,'' Mr Della Bosca told Macquarie Radio.

''(They) are the people I want to get making these decisions.
"A politician, a bureaucrat, should not be making these decisions.''
Mr Della Bosca said the decision to ban the religious symbols had been made three years ago by the then director of nursing, not by a hospital bureaucrat, as had been reported.
"You really want the right people making decisions - when I need some advice about how we should handle surgery, I ask surgeons,'' Mr Della Bosca said.
"I would have thought the most sensible outcome here, and I don't want to anticipate the outcome I'll get from the chaplains ... is that rather than nobody having their symbols, that everybody has their symbols appropriately arranged and organised, respectful of one another.'',27574,25312676-29277,00.html

As far as I'm concerned, the hospital shouldn't even provide a chapel. If people want to worship their imaginary Gods and practice their superstition, they can organise to do it elsewhere. If there is no elsewhere to do it, then toughen the fuck up! However, the fact still remains, that the well established traditions, namely Judaism and Chritianity, have full right to remain intact and respected within the domian of the hospital systems. Further more, subjugating our religious traditions for the sake of Islam, is not only extremely insulting, it is counter to our well established moral values. Islam is a ruthless and barbaric ideology, which has absolutely NO place within our health care systems, period! - Dave

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