Monday, April 20, 2009

The problem IS Islam

Pakistan Should Serve as a Warning

In order to control or eliminate any problem, the source of the problem must be identified, controlled and/or eliminated. Such an approach to problem-solving seems patently obvious, but apparently it is not. One of the problems facing governments worldwide is how to stop the advance of militant Islam. However, relatively few people even seem capable of admitting what the source of the problem, which is Islam, let alone addressing it. By "Islam", I do mean "Islam"not Islamic radicals or militants, nor radical Islambut Islam in all of its guises.
On September 11, 2008, I published an article wherein I noted that:

...much of the Islamic world seems to be sliding deeper and deeper into Islamic extremism and I see no signs of anything occurring to stop the decline or the trend. For example, Lebanon, Egypt, and Pakistan will be lost to Islamic extremists within the next half century. Oil wealth continues to pour into the Middle East with the adverse effect of hurting Western economies and providing the very revenue being used to finance the advance of fundamentalist Islamic ideology throughout the world, including the United States, as well as to fund international terrorism.

It has taken seven months, but I see that the "experts" are now confirming some of my conclusions. An article by Jonathan S. Landay, writing for the McClatchy Newspapers on April 16, 2009, observed:

"A growing number of U.S. intelligence, defense and diplomatic officials have concluded that there's little hope of preventing nuclear-armed Pakistan from disintegrating into fiefdoms controlled by Islamist warlords and terrorists, posing the a greater threat to the U.S. than Afghanistan's terrorist haven did before 9/11."

As I listen to politicians and experts alike discuss the many ways they have tried to stop the spread of Islamists such as the Taliban and Islamic tribal warlords in Pakistan, I am always unnerved by the fact that they never say that the problem is the inherent nature of Islam and that if we want to stop Islamists from spreading their influence and control we must reverse Islam's influence. Yet, there is no other solution that will work in the long-run to save places like Pakistan, Lebanon, and Egypt from falling victim to total Islamist control, to prevent Europe from becoming Eurabia, and to preserve other non-Muslim cultures. Because our leaders are unwilling or unable to address the root cause of the problem, it is obvious that they seem increasingly perplexed as to how to stem the Islamists' ominous advance.

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