Thursday, April 2, 2009

Imagine Turkey in the European Union


Turkey is a Muslim country where honor killings of women who "embarrass" their men still exists. If you're a man in Islam, and your woman embarrasses you, say, because she was seen "talking" to a strange man, you can kill her, as sanctioned by Islam. Few Islamic women see any problem with this, as it is "Allah's will".

When Turkey joins the EU, Muslims will have free passage to move all around Europe without a passport including the United Kingdom spreading their "religion of peace". This influx of Muslims into the European Union will mean that the percentage of Muslims in Europe will start pushing towards 50 per cent of the total European population; and Europe will essentially become Muslim. As Muslims breed like rabbits because their women and young girls have no choice whether they have sex or not, the takeover jihad will happen sooner than later.

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