Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Australia's Young Australian of the Year - A Muslim as well as a Cocaine trafficer!

Article from: The Australian
A FORMER NSW Young Australian of the Year sobbed at her arrest for supplying cocaine, saying "I am supposed to be a role model", a Sydney court has been told.Giving evidence in the NSW District Court, Inspector Steven Patton contradicted Iktimal Hage-Ali's testimony that she did not use those words. The 24-year-old is suing the state of NSW, claiming she was wrongfully arrested and detained in Sydney on November 6, 2006. The arrest occurred eight days before Ms Hage-Ali, a member of former prime minister John Howard's Muslim Community Reference Group, was named NSW Young Australian of the Year, a title she later relinquished. She was released without charge, hours after her arrest, having told police she was a cocaine user but had never supplied the drug. Ms Hage-Ali, who gave evidence last December, was not present in court on Wednesday for her case, which resumed earlier this week. Under questioning from Peter Boder QC, for the state of NSW, Insp Patton said he had spoken to Ms Hage-Ali at the police station after her arrest. "She was crying, she also said, `I'm supposed to be a role model, I'm a finalist in the NSW Young Australian of the Year','' he said. "As she was saying this she was sobbing, and said, `I spoke at your multicultural day, how embarrassing, you must have all been laughing'.'' Ms Hage-Ali has denied making those statements. Insp Patton said that before her arrest he believed police had evidence that showed she was a "very low level'' supplier. "Was she a person who ought to have been arrested?'' Mr Boder asked. Insp Patton replied, "Yes'', but added that after her interview he had found her to be credible when she said she had not supplied cocaine and only bought the drug for her own use. The hearing is continuing before Judge Michael Elkaim.


  1. She cried because she got caught!!! Absolute bullshit that she did not sell to anyone else. The majority of druggies will sell off a certain amount to recoup some of their outlay, ensuring they can afford their next purchase. A bit different from a 'pusher' who does not use any drugs but will push freebies onto people, especially young people until they have the 'victim' hooked, then that 'victim' has to do a bit of 'running' to keep getting freebies and before you know it, this 'victim' then has to find the money to buy from the pusher and will need to sell some of it off to keep the pusher happy. Often times, these silly people get sucked into going overseas to bring a quantity back to OZ with them....oh but they really didnt want to doit,it's just they wanted to pay off a siblings drug/gambling debt to save his/her life, or the other excuse will be...gees, I am an addict and I only did it for my personal use. What a lot of cock 'n' bull stories. Of course they are always sorry....sorry that they got caught! Pushers, dealers and traffickers deserve all they get. And if they get caught in an overseas country, then too bad, let them suffer the consequences of that country's laws.

  2. PS. Young Australian of the Year....How about we choose people who are truly worthy of this title. Let them have a proven track record of their services to the Aussie community. And no more awarding these titles to people because it is the PC thing to do...the token gesture.

  3. Yeah, it is BULLSHIT CN, absolute bullshit.

    The other thing is too, that the award is meaningless, well it is now anyway. The award is a Government means to control, by promoting whoever they perceive as being worthwhile, whoever promotes their agenda.