Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Obama: I have muslims in my family. We are not, and will never be at war with Islam

Obama visited Turkey this week telling officials and students that he has muslims in his family and that USA is not at war with Islam, never was, and never will be.

What about addressing the fact that Islam has been at war with the west; was, is, and always has been? George Bush never made any declarations of a war against Islam in fact calling it the "religion of peace" so what is Obama apologising for?

Calling Islam a religion of peace was Bush's biggest mistake in my view, as Islam is clearly not a religion of peace. Islam has been calling, all along, for the complete domination of the world, for Islam to have complete and total interference in ALL aspects of life, everywhere.

Obama also declared that Islam has "alot" to offer the west: beheadings, rape, inequality, bombings, sharia law? Is that what he's referring to? I don't agree with Obama. I think Islam has nothing to offer the west at all. Freedom from Islam is what the west needs and requires. Why isn't the government listening?

I can understand what Obama is trying to do and I'm sure it is with best intentions. Somewhere along the way though he will have to address the facts that Islam is not friendly to the west, never was and never will be.

Islam and Islamics have made it abundantly clear, that Islam and Islamics intend to dominate EVERY sphere of influence in the world.


Why doesn't president Obama already understand this? Maybe its because he's got muslims 'in his family'.

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