Friday, April 3, 2009

Immigration is no solution to an ageing population

Áine Ní Chonaill, spokesperson for the Irish immigration reduction organisation Immigration Control Platform, debunks one of the more popular myths about immigration:

Immigrants are no fix for an aging society

The Irish Times
10 August 2004

One of the great myths regarding immigration is that the aging profile of Europe will require large-scale immigration if the dependency ratio is not to become a big problem.

An excellent book, Do We Need Mass Immigration?, by Anthony Browne (published by Civitas, £6.00), deals, one by one, with the arguments of mass immigrationists and what he has to say on this point is of particular interest. The idea is known as “replacement immigration” and is more and more put forward as an unquestionable scientific law by pundits and by media.

Browne said this is “one of the most widespread and comforting self-delusions since humanity believed the sun went round the earth”. It is, he said, refuted by elementary demographics: immigrants are no fix for an ageing society because they age too.

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