Saturday, March 21, 2009

Australia has no national identity or culture

Bullshit it doesn't!!

I can remember this brainwashing and dialogue going around in the early 90's, and it probably started alot earlier than that... I can remember being "taught" in my university years as part of a sociology major that that there were questions in academic circles about whether Autralia had an identity, i.e., its own unique culture. I remember sitting back and thinking, "I know what it is to be Australian, and I feel a certain identity"... Also, there were lots of feelings, thoughts, and ideas etc that sprunng to mind without too much effort about what it meant to be an Australian! Why wasn't it just as fucking obvious then to academics and social commentators? There must be something more to it I thought; or, maybe I'm simply not grasping the argument!

Well, turns out, a few years later and a good dose of cynicism later, I'm learning that "multiculturalism" has alot to do with it.

My dear grandparents who came from Europe in the 40's came during a time when the social policy was "assimilation". You were expected to fit in, and you were bloody grateful to be here, and you genuinely were. Then came integration in the 70's. You were meant to fit in, but you weren't really expected to become a bogon, or to mingle like earlier generations of migrants, but to learn the language at least. Now, we've got "multiculturalism": and that is, don't bother fitting in, don't bother listening to Australians, and don't bother even liking us! No..... we Australians are now in the process of self re-engineering to fit in with you!! Why? Because we want your cheap labour for to force down wages and we want you to increase competition in housing prices to make a small proportion of our population happy and richer. The feel good lefties also need to feel warm and fluffy because they have been brainwashed and are trying to brain wash the rest of us that all cultures are "equal" and all cultures are friendly and want to give us a big hug - oh, and we don't have a culture or identity, we are so culturally impovrished we need migrants to help us develop one. Bullshit!

Now we hear in the news "Australia has no identity" again! But this news is not coming from the hippy academic left overs from the 60's and 70's. No, this news and kind revelation is coming from Sudanese youth workers who have been quoted in The Age (sorry no link) newspaper as saying Australia needs "help" to build a national identity because we don't have one! None at all. A blank slate as it were. By the way, good work boys getting jobs as youth workers so quickly. How long have you been in Australia?

Sad, so many of us are becoming obsolete; except for migrants. They have the culture, the identity, and the jobs.

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