Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Islam takes over Europe,2933,510364,00.html

Finally a story in the American media about the fact that Islam is now threatening to take over Europe. In some European cities, Muslims are dominant in number and political influence. I wonder how long it will take before we have a similiar article in The Australian warning us of the same fate looming in Australia. I wonder how long it will take for America to wake up and humbly realise they are not immune from Islamification either.

It was not long ago that an academic warned western countries: allow muslim populations to reach over 10 per cent and it will mean an irreversible change. What is not factored into predictions of future population growth in the Islamic communities is the fact that Islam allows men to have several wives and therefore a greater number of children being born to the same man. Also, Islam allows forced sexual r'ships with women meaning potential for far greater numbers of 'unplanned' pregnancies (women have no choice in Islam with regards to whether they have sex or not) and Islam allows for children to become wives to middle aged men and bear children. All in all, these facts on top of very generous immigration mean the potential for a continued escalation of muslim populations in the west including Australia.

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