Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mahaha, here's an oxymoron if I've ever seen one:

"The Islamic Human Rights Commission"

What is their job exactly?

Ensuring that "human rights" are properly ignored and denied in the name of Allah? Making sure that people are exploited and taken advantage of?

It makes you wonder whether these people even understand what a human right is, much less be-able to protect those human rights.

Islam is completely incompatible with "human rights". We need only take a look at the piles of evidence that speak volumes about Islam's intentions. Shit,we don't even need to do that, just take a look in the Koran.

These people, the IHRC, are either completely and utterly delusional, or they are fully aware of their hypcrytical chosen associations, but choose to ignore them. I'm going to go ahead and assume both utterly delusional, and totally aware of the hypocritical nature of their associations.

I fail to comprehend how you can align yourself with an aggressive, brutal and oppressive, anti-humanitarian ideology such as Islam, and yet "claim" to be humanitarian.

The mind boggles, the mind boggles....

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