Sunday, March 29, 2009

OMG where are the Islamics going to live with the Jews taking all of the land? LMAO what a joke!

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  1. The muzzos are never going to be happy until they have spread and bred their evil (in-bred) spawn all over the world. No wonder they want to conquer new lands, they have no real infrastructure in their desert dwellings and mountainous regions. And the areas they do have good infrastructure and money, well to my mind, they want to buy up land and businesses in other countries to make sure they get their proverbial foot in the door. Take eg Australia, we have vast amounts of space but no one really wants to live in the arid regions. They don't even really want to live in outer country areas either, preferring to live closer to the cities. Another reason to stop muslim immigration and maybe even holding off on all other immigration, for a couple of years at least until we get our own act together and re think our own infrastrucre needs, like water and power, our farming needs etc. Sounds a bit harsh, I know, but if the population keeps growing at the rate is is, we are going to find ourselves in all sorts of about Mad that was forethought. scary eh!