Monday, March 16, 2009

David Icke joins the jew haters

It was only a matter of time before David Icke from the "truth movement" in the UK put his little toe in the water to see how'd he go with bit of jew bashing. He knows all too well that the only group of people who will kill you for insulting them are the Arabs and he's not going to do that is he in a country completely overrun with blood thirsty muslims. I'll be watching and waiting whether David who professes to tell the truth shows how muslims go about spreading their brand of peace into the UK and around the world. Its all over the news in the UK, but funnily enough not on David's website. Strange omission David. Maybe its because you want to keep your head.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty damn brave of you David.

    He professes to know the truth about everything, but can't even make the simple, logical conclusion, that Israel is a democratic western democracy, fighting on the front lines against Islam, a brutally malicious, totalitarian ideology.

    He can't even tell the truth about the fucking obvious.

    Get a life David, you loser.