Friday, March 27, 2009

Islamification: Is the USA next?

USA the sleeping giant is apparently scared of Mexicans. Meanwhile Obama has made a few changes to the current political language:

. no more "enemy combatants" at Guantanamo: they are now to be called "detainees"
. no more "war on terror": its now to be called "contingency operations"
. no more "terrorist acts": they are now to be referred to "man made natural disasters"

I have a strong feeling that USA is going to fall from the inside to Islam thanks to President Obama who doesn't understand the you have to fight for freedom, yes fight for freedom. To him, this little phrase doesn't make any sense. Fighting and freedom? Nope, they don't go together for a peacenik. Sadly the left as a whole doesn't understand the concept either despite the fact that they invented much of the ideas inherent in freedom and liberal democracy which are now facing demise at the hands of Islamists. We only have to look at the fine examples of the Netherlands, Sweeden and now the UK to see what "tolerance" and the wholesale welcoming all "cultures" into the western landscape has meant.

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