Monday, March 30, 2009

Muslim unemployment higher and may rise


Muslim people already suffer twice the unemployment rate of other workers
in Queensland and the global economic crisis is likely to make matters worse,
research shows.
A study undertaken by Queensland University of Technology
researcher Dr Hossein Adibi found there was a huge gap between the level of
unemployment in the general population and Muslims, something that was likely to
worsen in the declining economic climate.
"It is obvious that the current
recession will have an enormous impact on the employment status of Muslims in
Queensland, and the unemployment rate of Muslims will rise significantly," Dr
Adibi said.
The unemployment rates for some segments of the Muslim
population, including women and young Muslims, may exceed 20 per cent, he said.
The jobless rate in Queensland for February was 4.5 per cent.
Dr Adibi
found that Muslims were disadvantaged due to four main factors: racism,
discrimination, media bias and the lack of Muslim representation in
decision-making bodies.
Unemployment among Muslim women and young people was
even worse than for men, he said.
Youth unemployment among Muslims
contributed to a feeling that their aspirations for mainstream acceptance were
being "thwarted", Dr Adibi said.

Yeah thwarted, thwarted by their own stupidity and acceptance of an ignorant ideology.

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