Monday, March 16, 2009

The Islamification of the USA - Thank you President Obama

Rewind to the Obama campaign. So many potential voters didn’t even bother to look at Obama’s polticial, social and personal history when they were considering him as their next President.

All they seemed to consider was how GOOOOD they were going to feel about having a black president to wash away all of their guilt about white dominance, black slavery, self loathing and the delusion which had taken over America's consciousness, i.e., that the world hated America. Obama would fix all of this, and noone seems to mind that Obama isn't even “black”; that he’s only half black with a white mother and what it seems a black Islamic father with a questionable history.

If the American people bothered to look into his background it would be no surprise that he is going to turn USA the way of the UK: into an enforced multicultural nightmare where Islam is a dominant force and the foreign policy is against Israel. Wait and watch.

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