Saturday, March 7, 2009

Take your shit back to where it belongs!

Only under so called multiculturalism can someone “insult” Muslims by quoting their own words when they incite hatred and discrimination.

So let's actually look at what our government is asking us to do. It is asking us to tolerate, and even RESPECT a 'religion' that tells its people that jews are rats and pigs and should be killed, and homosexuals should be killed and that women are less than men. We are being asked to respect violence, brutality and intolerance. We are asked to "respect" they sexually penetrate little girls at 10 years of age and marry them off to middle aged men. We are asked to respect that they cut off girls labia and sometimes sew up their vaginas. We are asked to respect the burkah and that they may have acid thrown on their faces if they don't wear it. We are asked to respect a total disrespect for the west, a hatred for Israel, and a love for Nazism. Where's the logic?

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