Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ethical integrity under assault.

The ‘ethical integrity’ of Australian culture is under assault by the ‘tolerance’ of morally bankrupt ideologies coming from Islam and defended ironically by the left of politics.

What do I mean?

The Australian culture is a culture that was developed thousands of years ago by our Anglo-European ancestors and continued after settlement to evolve here in our beloved Australia. The ethical morality of the Australian culture and the Australian way of life came out of virtuous ideas such as those from Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and Epicurus, etc. predominantly western philosophical thought.

The virtues, values and standards within the Australian culture are diverse and multi-faceted. For example, we value highly the ethically moral ideals of freedom of speech and freedom of belief. We value the ethically moral ideals of justice and liberty. We value the ethically moral ideals of fair and balanced inquiry. We value the ethically moral ideals of objective investigation and criticism. Above all, we value Humanism.

We Australians, hold up these ideals as virtuous and as our standard, as opposed to unethical ideals being forced into our culture by Islam and defended by the left of politics who would have us believe the the Islamic way of life is just as valid and can be incorporated into our culture without threatening its integrity.

We ought to, and have up until recently, had no tolerance for unethical ideals, values and practices but are now expected to allow the integrity of our values, culture and morality to be seriously threatened and broken.

Ethically moral ideals are dependent upon a society that values these ideals above all other ideals through a process of rational reflection and dialogue. Without the support of a society, these ethics, morals, and ideals, have absolutely no power whatsoever. The power of an ethically moral society relies entirely upon the strength of that society's conviction to protect it in order to preserve its integrity.

Therefore, the true power of ethically moral ideals is entirely dependent upon integrity. The true power and basis of ethics then, is integrity. The power of integrity though, is entirely dependent upon us, the people and society who values ethically moral ideals above competing inferior, obsolete, unethical ideals, and practices and are willing to defend them. Specifically, unethical ideals such as abuse and oppression of women, the marriage of children to men, the stoning of people, the whipping of people and the marriage of 'church' and state are ideals and standards not consistent with the integrity of our culture. We Australians should have no tolerance for these unethical ideals.

When the integrity of the ethics of a society are compromised and attacked, the integrity becomes weak and the ideals become impotent, unable to maintain the virtues and values of the said culture. The culture wavers and begins to go into decline.


And this is what we are finding happening now in Australia!!

The compromise and denial that we Australian’s don't have a culture to defend, a set of beliefs and ideals as well as a multifaceted rich and diverse heritage is absolutely absurd, and extremely offensive! This offensive denial and compromise of the Australian way of life by some is a direct assault on the integrity of our cultural values and virtues, a direct assault on the integrity of our cultural heritage. It is a direct assault on our way of life, and we must do something about it.

There cannot be tolerance and no room made for unethical ideals within the Australian culture. Tolerance and acceptance of unethical ideals and practices is not tolerance at all, and any intrusion of unethical values and ideals will mean a weakening of the integrity of our culture and our country and our Australian way of life.

“We cannot live pleasantly without living wisely and nobly and righteously” – Epicurus.

United we stand, Divided we fall.


  1. lol i can't belive some of the ideas this bloke has, its actually scary that someone like him can be living in australia. this is a country full different culturals and its people like you that cause the problems like that conulla roits. liked the thing about the jews tho ahah

  2. LOL, I CAN believe all of the ideas this bloke has, as they are my ideas.

    It is refreshing that someone like me can be living in Australia.

    This is a country with a well established Australian culture, and its people like me that help to protect that Australian culture.