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Some very enlightening information about Israel and Israelis

Temple mount without the dome, looks good to me. :)

This information comes with kind thanks to Boni123, from the youtube channel:

Go over and check it out, there is quite a few good videos there in support of Israel and highlighting the terrorist network of Islam.

I had always wondered how the Israelis became know as Jews, and now I know. Thanks Boni123 :)

All the nations of the world have the right to live in their homelands EXCEPT the Israeli nation? And when Israelis are living in the land of Israel they are considered to be "zionists"? Israelis don't live in the land of Israel because of "zionism", but because of PURE Israelity (Judaism). Israelis don't live in Israel because of Herzl who lived 100 years ago. Israelis live in Israel since Genesis 28:13 more than 3600 years ago and it's demonstrated by the revelation in mt. Sinai, in which G-d commanded the Israelis to enter Israel and to establish a kingdom there. Israel is the homeland of the Israelis. Israelis are COMMANDED to live in Israel, it's an explicit commandment. The essence of Israelis is to live in the land of Israel, separated from all other nations. Half of the Torah commandments refer to the living in the land of Israel.
Name: boni
Don't say Jews, say Israelis. Israel isn't just a name of a state. It's first and for all a name of a nation (Am Yisrael). Israel is the name of the father of the nation (Jacob) and Israelis are his descendants. The real meaning of the word 'Israeli' is someone who belongs to the nation of Israel and not only a citizen of a state called Israel.

The word 'Jews' (a mockery word for 'Judeans') was invented by gentiles. When the Persians, the Greeks and the Romans occupied the land of Israel they called all the Israelis in the name 'Jews' because at those days the tribe of Judah was the biggest and the dominant tribe which survived the exile of Assyria in which 10 tribes of Israel were exiled. The tribe of Judah lived in the Judean desert thus the gentiles who occupied the land of Israel called the members of the tribe of Judah (and also the ones of Benjamin and Levi) in the name 'Jews' (Judeans).

When Israelis (Judeans) who live abroad go to synagogue they don't read about Judeans/Jews in the prayer books nor in the Torah but about 'The Nation of Israel', 'The House of Israel', 'Shema Yisrael' etc. They are Israelis because they belong to the nation of Israel even if they aren't citizens of a state called Israel. Both the words 'Judeans/Jews' and 'Israelis' refer to nationality, to ethnic identity and not to religion. Judeans/Jews are members of the tribe of Judah and not people who believe in Judaism. And the nation isn't called Judah but Israel, and so does the land and in the future the 10 tribes will return to this nation.

That's why Arab citizens of Israel don't define themselves as Israelis but as Arab/Palestinian citizens of a state CALLED Israel. They aren't members of the Israeli nation but of the Ishmaelite nation. Ishmael used to shoot arrows at Isaac (father of Israel) while saying: I'm only playing... That's why there's no Israeli-Palestinian conflict but a WAR that the Ishmaelites/Arabs opened on the Israelis. Also Muhammad murdered Israelis in Saudi Arabia who refused to accept his murderous pagan dream.
Country: Israel
Interests and Hobbies: Israelity (Judaism) isn't a religion but a historical national event between G-d and the Israelis which its highlight is the revelation of mt. Sinai. Religions are all kinds of idolatry dreams, outcome of the imagination of the idolaters who invented them and forced them on many nations.---------------------- The Arabs went out of the Arabian Peninsula and occupied dozens of countries which weren't belong to them. They suppressed the life of the local residents there and forced the murderous invented pagan dreams of Islam on them. And when the Israelis are returning to their small homeland the Arabs call them occupiers?---------------------- All the peace agreements since the end of the 70's up to nowadays have caused the murder of more Israeli civilians THAN IN ALL THE WARS TOGETHER, including terror attacks by Egypt and Jordan AFTER signing peace agreements with Israel!
Music: ----------------------- THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS PALESTINE:
Books: ----------------------- The children of Noach and the children of IsraeL KNOW G-d because the ancestors of the first ones heard him speaking the 7 commandments in the revelation of the rainbow after the big flood and the ancestors of the second ones heard him speaking the 613 commandments in the revelation in mt. Sinai after the Exodus from ancient Egypt. People who believe in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Realism etc don't know G-d and don't believe in him because they DON'T follow his commandments. They believe (they DON'T KNOW) in what their imagination wants to believe, and at the same time they invent commandments as if their invented idols really commanded them to follow. They believe in things which nobody has ever witnessed, let alone in things which contradict the true words of G-d in the Torah. To understand more you may read the post in the link of the website and the one which follows it (click on the thread link).

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