Friday, March 27, 2009

Saudia Arabia: Dubai's new behaviour guidelines

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SKIMPY shorts, bikinis and kissing in public could soon be banned in Dubai, say
The glitzy Gulf city has laid down new behaviour guidelines in
the local media in an attempt to tame public behaviour.
The outlines of the
possible new restrictions appeared in Al Emarat al Youm, an Arabic-language
newspaper with close ties to Dubai's ruling family.
Dancing and playing loud
music in public will be banned, while couples kissing, holding hands or hugging
could face fines or detention.
Miniskirts and skimpy shorts would no longer
be tolerated outside hotels, while bikini wearers could be forced off public
beaches and only permitted on the fenced-off sands of luxury resorts.
Drinking alcohol outside licensed premises or swearing and displaying rude
gestures in public could also be outlawed, the newspaper said.
The report
warned, "pants and skirts are to be of an appropriate length" and "clothing
cannot be tight or transparent" with visible body parts. On the beaches
"appropriate swimwear, acceptable to the culture of the society and its values"
must be worn.
Authorities are hoping the new laws will give police more
leeway for fines or arrests in places such as beaches and malls.
The new
rules come a year after a British couple were convicted for having sex on a Dubai beach,
and later fined and deported after their prison sentence was suspended.
After the sex-on-the-beach trial, Jumeirah Group five-star hotel chain
cautioned guests that drunken behaviour in public is punished severely and
recommended tourists be discreet with public displays of affection.
more than a "peck on the cheek could offend those around you and even possibly
lead to police involvement," the advisory said.,28318,25198762-5014090,00.html

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