Friday, March 27, 2009

Gates of Vienna: Make Room for Islam

Gates of Vienna: Make Room for Islam

Make Room for Islam

by Baron Bodissey

The Christian Church in all its various forms seems unable to stop apologizing for its existence, especially when confronted by angry and offended Muslims. With Islam advancing and Christianity receding, Europe’s churches have to step aside to make way for mosques.

This is now literally true: in Bosnia a church is being moved to assuage the feelings of offended Muslims. According to the Austrian Times:

Church Moved for Muslims

Church leaders are spending 100,000 GBP moving a chapel half a mile — so it doesn’t offend Muslims.
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The Orthodox church was built on the site of a derelict mosque in Divic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and is being taken away to improve relations with local Muslim worshippers.

Builders will spend a week driving the church to its new location on a massive low loader truck.

The article doesn’t mention the fact that any mosque that now exists in Bosnia was — figuratively if not literally — built on the ruins of a church as well as on mounds of Christian corpses.

Are Christians offended by this fact?


C’mon now, speak up!



  1. Yes Lucy, it offends me. It also offends me when I have to drive past one of the many mosques in my surrounding suburbs or when I see hoards of them floating around in their black tents with a slit for a window. Have you been around the Broady areas lately.... talk about mosque city. Thank God there are none of these places in my suburb...yet. But they seem to be getting closer. The whole subject of anything muslim offends me. I get offended by them saying that anything about us offends them, yet there are no restrictions of some of the filthy names they refer to us as. I am highly offended when I cannot see a persons face. There are no restrictions on them bad-mouthing Christianity, Jesus, God or anything else.
    We are losing our freedoms one by one and it just sickens me to think of what my Grandchildren are growing up with and the crap they are learning at school.
    BTW, I like the 'I support" pics in the side bar. Have you ever seen footage of how Australian sheep are treated during and after their trips to Arab lands? I cried when I saw it, if you are interested, I will dig out the link. I am a supporter of IFAW and WSPA, and proudly so. Also for India, Israel and especially or beautiful country the land of OZ.

    Regards CNanna

  2. Hi CM.

    I haven't been down to Broady lately and I wonder what Eddie MacGuire would think of his beloved suburb decending into chaos. He might think its good, because after all, we have no "culture" here in Oz apparently... we need people from overseas to come and teach us.... like for example throwing acid in women's faces, cutting off their labia, um, what else... the mind boggles at all the things we've been missing out on, we're so improvished here aren't we... no culture at all.

    Have you heard of muslim blood letting? Its another way they like to torture animals; but ofcourse its their "culture" and therefore its allowed to happen. In any other context it would be called bloody disgusting torture.